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3 Smartphone Myths Debunked

Growing up, when smartphones were fairly new, a number of myths were believed to be true. Some of them were, some weren’t. Even those of which were true for older phones don’t make sense now because smartphone technology has come a long way since they were first introduced. However, a number of people still believe that certain actions can help their phones or even protect their phones- that is not the case with phones these days. Here we are trying to debunk some of the most common smartphone myths that people still believe in.

Myth 1 – Charging Your Battery Overnight Will Damage Your Phone

This is not the case. Older phones did not have an auto-cut technology but all the smartphones currently available in the market do. They have sensors to detect heat and charge. When a smartphone is fully charged, there is a mechanism that ensures that the internal circuit is cut off the power – there is no overcharging or overheating or damage caused in the process. After a smartphone is fully charged, the phone switches to dribble charge just to keep it at full capacity. While charging your battery overnight may not damage your phone, it can certainly damage your health if it is kept too close to your head when you are sleeping.

Myth 2 – Switching Off Bluetooth And GPS Saves Battery Life

This, too, is a false one. While some people believe that keeping the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC & GPS enabled will drain their battery, that is not exactly the case. This is because these are only used when an application requires for it. If one’s app usage and notification settings are optimize correctly, keeping Bluetooth and GPS on or off will not make much of difference when it comes to battery usage. However, one might want to keep them off if they want to not share their location with servers at all times or if they want to stay protected from random people trying to pair with their smartphone.

Myth 3 – More RAM Means High-Speed Performance

This one is not true either because RAM isn’t really where a phone gets its power to deliver high-speed performance from. It is actually the processor of a phone that helps in the performance of the product and not RAM. While having a high-capacity RAM is super useful, it is so because the RAM of a smartphone ensures users do not lose their ongoing work while switching to multiple tabs and paves way for smoother, lag-free functioning.

Hope this helps debunk some of your myths. Technology has leaped forward in the past few years and it is important to stay upgraded and not fall for these myths when innovation has overcome what they warned against and moved far ahead.

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