The market today is flooded with awe-inspiring tech from multiple brands at all price points. At Great Lobbyist, we keep up with the latest buzz in the industry as well as provide honest, thorough reviews about the latest technology hitting the market so that you can get past the clutter and make informed decisions about what to buy and what to not.

The highly charged up team here at Great Lobbyist keeps a close eye on the developments happening in the world of Technology and Consumer Electronics

GL Tech (Great Lobbyist)

Everything from the latest smartphone to the sharpest gaming monitors and everything in between, if it has a silicone chipset and qualifies as “smart”, it has probably passed the filters of Great Lobbyist at some point or the other. From keeping track of the latest developments in the industry to giving honest, detailed reviews – we do it all.

We decode the jargon and break down information in our reviews so that you can take a call on which gadgets help you stay ahead, match your needs, and are worth your money!

GL Life

When it comes to technology these days, it surrounds us in every moment of our lives in multiple ways both big and small. The GL Life vertical keeps track of and reviews electronic items with sincerity across the following categories:

  • Home Appliances
  • Home Automation
  • Home Entertainment
  • Wellness and Beauty Devices

The reviews that we put out for products in these categories help you choose the technology that fits your lifestyle and serves as an investment.

From Dishwashers to Blenders, Washing Machines to steamers, 4K projectors to 8K TVs, Smart Bulbs to Video Doorbells, and Air Purifiers to hair trimmers, GL Life has it covered to make your buying choice easier.