OpenAI DALL-E API Launched for Smartphones

OpenAI has launched a new API for its Dall-E image synthesis software, which will allow app developers to integrate it into their own apps and generate fake ima

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Fri Nov 4, 2022 - 23:00

OpenAI DALL-E API Launched

Brings Native AI Support to Smartphone Apps

OpenAI is a renowned name in the field of artificial intelligence, as their Dall-E image synthesis model was one of the first successful attempts at creating a functional AI that can deliver usable results through just text prompts. While the images generated may not always hit the mark, it still gets closer than any of the other models out there, and the results can even be improved through continuous tweaking. Now, they are planning to bring this capability to everyday smartphone users with the launch of the Dall-E API.


App developers will be able to use this new API to generate images in the standard 1024x1024 format, which they can then download and use in their own apps for various aesthetic applications. They can even give end users the ability to do the same as long as they create a separate interface for user-generated prompts. Apps like Shutterstock, Microsoft Designer, CALA and Mixtiles are already working on such integrations, with plans to launch updated versions of their apps in the coming months.

In addition to the API, the Dall-E image synthesis model is also available as a standalone commercial service, which potential customers can use by signing up for the program. A lot of editors and marketing professionals already use this service to create images or artwork that is pretty obscure or out there. With this new model, users can do a lot more in their native app interface as long as they register with OpenAI and have a private key that will give them access to the image generator.

OpenAI is planning to charge users based on the number of images, with each 1024×1024 image costing around $0.02, smaller 512×512 thumbnails costing $0.018, and even smaller 256×256 icons costing $0.016 per image. While this may seem like a small number, it can add up to a lot, especially when you are generating dozens, if not hundreds, of images a day in multiple sizes and styles.


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