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Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 – Powerful “LITTLE” Gaming Laptop

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Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 - Powerful "LITTLE" Gaming Laptop

In the past, we knew that gaming laptops were bulky and gigantic, to say the least. We always knew they weighed a tonne and carting them around was not the easiest. Today, people want more from gaming laptops, more functionality, more productivity and ease to get other things done, when on the go. The Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 is a welcoming change. It is light, easily portable and by far one of the best gaming laptops made. This laptop can be used for gaming as well as for professional editing work. Thin and light gaming laptops are always a win, makes carrying it around so much easier.


The sides come with a lot of vents to throw off the heat (in fact a good amount of vents are visible on this laptop), and ports – a power port to charge the machine, an HDMI port, a Type C port and a headphone jack. One cool feature that caught my attention was that when you open the laptop, the base of the laptop lifts off your desk and is designed to throw off the heat.  

Available in moonlight white and grey. The Moonlight White has quite a dull backlighting, but the lighting on the grey one is better. The LED dotted display on the lid is quite cool though, shows gifs, Time and more. It also allows you to display/customize what you want to display on it, which is undoubtedly a fun thing to do. The chiclet keyboard is likeable, well-spaced and easy to type on. The touchpad is decent and gets the job done, but use gaming mice is our suggestion.


The display is also good, it, not a top-end 4k LED panel, but that’s ok because higher resolution displays often tend to eat up battery life. One many not miss such high premium display resolutions on a 14inch system whose hardware is on point. The G14 has a solid 1080p display with a super-fast 120Hz refresh rate. The display hits 100% of the sRGB spectrum, so, yes, we’re good on that front. The one thing that could be a deal-breaker for some is that there is no webcam.

Speakers & Ports

The good thing about the speakers is that they’re not at the bottom side of the laptop, good one there Asus. The sound quality is certainly good too. That brings us to the ports that this system boasts of, there are many, and it’s a welcome feat. Considering the ease in the portability of the device, it helps to have these many ports. There is two USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A ports and two USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C ports, one of which enables charging of the laptop. There is a dedicated charging port, an HDMI and a 3.5mm headphone and mic jack as well.


One of the very first devices to feature AMD’s ground-breaking Ryzen 4000 processors APU, a gorgeous 120Hz display, Nvidia’s RTX 2060 Max-Q graphics card, a 1 TB Intel 660p SSD and 16 GB of RAM at 3200 MHz, and a 120 Hz, 1080p display. That’s enough to hold this device in good regards.

Software/features: Asus has packed in Three software in the Zephyrus G14. ROG Game Visual, Armory Crate and GameFirst VI. All three software’s allow you to manipulate the performance of your laptop. With Game Visual software, you can play around with display, colour and different presets. 

GameFirst VI software helps enhance the network for a smoother online gaming experience. With Armory Crate you can adjust a lot – everything from fan speed to scanning for installed games and more.


A stellar battery life is undoubtedly a good reason to get your hands on this laptop. For a gaming laptop to perform with this battery excellence is quite rare. 3-4hrs max, is usually what a gaming laptop lasts on a full charge till. This one from Asus can last up to 7 hours without having to be plugged in for more juice. In a movie test, we could watch four movies without having to charge in between.


A perfectly balanced machine that allows both gaming at its best, and regular use too with no significant pitfalls. The laptop boasts of some great design, its light and offers great ease in portability. This could easily be a new standard for gaming laptops.

Thumbs up:

  • Light
  • Easily portable
  • Very productive – excellent battery life

Thumbs down:

  • No webcam – need an external webcam
  • Backlighting issue

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