Xiaomi MIJIA Fascia Gun Pro Launched

Recent additions to Xiaomi line of massagers include the MIJIA Fascia Gun Pro, a well-known Chinese technology brand. This is added to a substantial selection o

Xiaomi MIJIA range, Beauty & Grooming

Mon Apr 24, 2023 - 18:00

Xiaomi MIJIA Fascia Gun Pro Launched

With 12 Levels Of Intensity Adjustment

The MIJIA Fascia Gun Pro is a recent addition to the portfolio of massagers offered by Xiaomi, a leading Chinese technology company. This gets added to a huge line-up of personal care products from the reputed MIJIA line. Let us have a closer look at it.



The MIJIA Fascia Gun Pro has a potent 126W magnetic engine with a 35kg striking force that produces a deep massage at 3200rpm and an activation of 14mm of muscle. The device has a user-friendly rotating button for frequency adjustment as well as an LED digital screen with two operating modes: fixed frequency motion mode with 12 levels and variable frequency massage mode with 6 levels.


The MIJIA Fascia Gun Pro has a 3800mAh lithium battery that, when used in fixed frequency mode for 10 minutes each day, can last for 30 days. Through its Type-C interface, it offers 27W fast charging. It also includes 5 massage heads, an intelligent prompt light, and a hidden heat dissipation duct design. The device’s low-noise, brushless motor only makes 34dB(A) of noise.


Due to their capacity to reduce muscle discomfort and tension, massage guns have seen a major increase in popularity in recent years. With its strong motor, lengthy battery life, and adjustable intensity, Xiaomi’s MIJIA Fascia Gun Pro is sure to draw a sizable customer base. The product’s appealing features, quiet operation, and elegant form all contribute to its commercial appeal. An increasing trend in the health and wellness industry may be seen in Xiaomi’s continuing entry into the massage gun business.

Price & Availability

The Xiaomi MIJIA Fascia Gun Pro has been put up for pre-orders and will cost $144 when it goes on sale on April 25th, 2023. This will join the series of MIJIA Fascia Gun and the Fascia Gun Mini, which retail for $65 and $50, respectively.


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