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BenQ EX800ST Projector – A Great Way to Learn

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Schools are welcoming technology with open arms and getting rid of their dull blackboards and screeching chalks – all thanks to the latest projectors which are viably built to support the classroom needs. Brands like BenQ are continuously transforming and enhancing the technology through introducing display solutions which are user friendly, help in increasing productivity level and latest eye care technology. Now they have been transforming classes and writing a future that can fit the needs of the new generations and the new normal. Children today are technology native and adapting to a new tech is much easier and fun to learn for them.

Projectors are a great tool when it comes to presenting assignments in classrooms, explaining campaigns to peers or directors, and even for a cinematic experience at home with friends and family. BenQ has recently unveiled their latest projector, EX800ST. EX800ST is the the first ever android based education projector built for the classrooms of the future. Let’s dive into the details.


EX800ST is a compact device weighing almost 6 pounds with a large lens, making it easily portable. The mini projector stands on 6 lobes which are adjustable for operators so that it can be used with different stands.

The EX800ST is equipped with 2 vents on both sides, this helps the device with proper airflow – they keep the projector cool and run for longer hours.


EX800ST boasts of a brightness of 3,300 Lumens at the contrast ration of 20,000:1 with color display of 1.07 billion colors. The system is supported with an OS System based on Android 6.0, a decent ROM of 16GB and a small RAM of 2GB.

Features and Performance

EX800ST is the the first ever android based education projector to support cloud account integration, smart app capability, internet, and wireless connectivity. Teachers can easily shift and diversify their lectures, presentations, learning books and papers through BenQ’s Account Management System (AMS). This helps the teachers add or access the learning materials. We love this specification because now students or teachers do not have to be worried about losing assignments since everything can be found in one place. The study material can be added and removed by the author through this feature. All changes are synced immediately and everyone can see that the changes have been made. We are sure this can make tracking study material and submission very easy.

BenQ has invested lot of efforts while producing this masterpiece. The EX800ST is supported with BenQ’s X-Sign Broadcast – a wireless system that gets important announcements and messages across the school, portals, and even individual classrooms without disrupting class. This is in place to make communication between teachers, management and students much easier and simplify workflow.

Let’s talk about the interface or how user friendly The EX800ST is. The portable projector is aided by Human Interface Device (HID) – it assists the user in navigating effectively through much better options than the remotes used with traditional projectors. In this case, EX800ST lets the students and teachers navigate the study materials using mice and keyboards. We were excited to see that the access can be granted to tabs, smartphones, or laptops via BenQ Smart Control app.

Last but the best of all, EX800ST’s smart interactive classroom projectors support wireless projection from multiple devices without requiring them to be plugged in. This wireless feature helps the students to share their ideas in class without any hassle or interrupting the flow. It offers seamless collaboration which helps the flow of ideas between teachers and students without the need for an additional software or app – a simple cast option does the job.


The main ports of EX800ST are the VGA and HDMI inputs, helping the operator to connect the projector and get things started. One can also see the VGA output for use with an external display, we could connect our laptops, old computers, and monitors. There is a pair of AUX jacks for external speakers. Additionally, a LAN cable can be fixed directly from the WIFI infrastructure.


EX800ST is the smartest android based projector at this moment and BenQ has done quite well compared to their other Smart Projectors available for Business and Education sectors. This will certainly impact the ways of working and ease of collaboration in classrooms it is used in.

Things we like

  • Bundle of super specifications
  • Seamless technology
  • High resolution and brightness

Things we do not like

  • No Type C USB
  • Android 6.0 is an outdated version

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