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BenQ ScreenBar Plus – A Lamp To Light Up Your Work Station

A workstation often has to compromise on lighting, the lamp’s position, or its size. Finally, there’s a solution that requires you to compromise on neither! BenQ has designed a specialized lamp that provides ample light, stays out of the way and does a great job at saving space, too. Moreover, BenQ’S Screen Bar Plus is designed to cast light in a manner that eliminates glare making it easy on the eyes. 


It comes in an ergonomic design with its 18-inch-long cylindrical body. The Screen Bar sits pretty perfectly atop the computer screen along with its sturdy counterweight that rests on the back of your monitor. It is very well fixed well in its place, and there is no question of it sliding off on its own. It can even be rotated up to a few degrees to offer some level of customization.



BenQ’s smartly deigned ScreenBar is USB-powered and requires to be plugged into the computer itself. It can be charged easily using a 5V 1A phone charger when it is not being used. It also includes an impressive Desktop Dial, which is basically a small puck-shaped device similar to the hotkey puck we’ve seen with some BenQ monitors. It features an ambient light sensor that allows the light to adjust automatically according to the room’s lighting. The ScreenBar is also capable of automatically storing the last light settings in its memory, making it a brilliant device.


Projecting some super crisp lighting, it is an excellent tool for working those late nights. BenQ ScreenBar’s light is steady and free of flickers, so it has no issues in illuminating the entire workspace while smartly leaving out the screen. The light from BenQ’s lamp is radiated in one straight beam, making it a fantastic tool that just lights up the space it needs to – a great feature for those sharing their space with others who may not wish to be disturbed. The lamp comes with a default output of 500 lux of brightness and has a unique auto-dimming feature that gauges the user’s surrounding lighting conditions and brightens or dims accordingly. One can always use the manual mode for personalized or more specific settings. The lamp also has a feature that allows the temperature of the light emitted to be tailored according to the users’ needs. The ScreenBar produces a bright, cool white light around 6500K on its default setting but can be changed to 2700K at the click of a button. The range of temperature provided by BenQ is considerably wide and produces a wide variety of whites.


Great For

If you’re someone who has reads a lot on their system, or involved in working late hours, or work in a room that doesn’t provide sufficient lighting or want to reduce the strain on your eyes, this tool is ideal for you. It is an absolute boon for someone who reads on an e-ink display. Moreover, it’s a great space saver that clears up the extra desk area that traditional lamps take up.

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