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Expand Your Point of View With Monitors for Every Use

Over the past couple of years, people have adapted to their home’s environment for work and creative endeavors. Individuals are becoming their own architects on a quest to uplift their everyday professional and personal environment. Therefore, investing in the right technology for that involves thoughtful consideration in the type, price, function, and design of the products.

Assured in its wide range and varied experience on the next gen innovations in consumer technology, LG Electronics offers a wide array of monitors that adapt to the needs of business owners, graphic artists,  gamers, multimedia enthusiasts, and more. Members of LG’s new ERGO family, these monitors offer a high end selection of functions and benefits to appeal to every consumer demand by creating an ergonomic and flexible workstation setup to cater to individual needs and the type of work performed.


Designed for Flexibility

LG’s range of ERGO monitors can be adjusted to the preferred height, distance and angle for an ergonomic and sustainable user experience. The design offers better customization for preferred postures which can help increase productivity by creating a comfortable and stable posture with minimal exertion, lesser movement and better height and reach. For example, users can adjust the  screen height to match eye level and adjust the tilt angle so the screen is always positioned for the most stress free working environment.


LG UltraWide Monitor

Give your home office an upgrade with a larger-than-life screen. The LG UltraWide Monitor(34WN780-B) has an impressively large 34-inch curved screen that provides greater real estate for applications to be simultaneously visible on the screen, while maintaining the best viewing experience and picture quality a consumer can expect. With a HDR technology, 3440×1440 resolution and the 21:9 aspect ratio, users get more screen room than the average monitor with a 16:9 aspect ratio.




LG UltraGear Monitor

While meeting all the professional requirements, the LG UltraGear Monitor(27GN880-B) satiates gamers with lightening fast speed, crisp and smooth image quality, futuristic design, and a host of gaming specific features. LG’s UltraGear series brings fast Nano IPS 1 millisecond Gray-to-Gray (GTG) response time and minimized input latency, amping up the visuals and the gameplay environment. The game maintains its realistic graphics through minimal screen tearing and stuttering, giving gamers the best experience possible.


LG UltraFine Monitor

The LG UltraFine Monitor(27UN880-B) puts itself in another league with its high definition, 8.3 million pixels and flawless picture quality. The UltraFine Monitor comes in two variants, 4K and 5K which lets users experience high-definition visuals. The 27-inch screen is ideal for use by graphic designers, multimedia artists, producers and animators, since the monitor has a 4096 x 2304 IPS display and P3 99 percent color gamut which offers precise and detailed visual expression.

In addition to having built-in speakers, the monitor has no dearth of ports: one USB Type-C with 90W charging, two DisplayPort, one HDMI and three USB.  LG’s hardware calibration studio allows users to customize the color to ensure the utmost degree of color accuracy and consistency using the LG Calibration Studio.





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