Anker Ace 312 & 312 USB C Fast Chargers Launched

Anker has released a pair of new USB-C fast chargers that are cheaper alternatives to the more premium Samsung original chargers for the latest Galaxy S23 serie

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Thu Feb 2, 2023 - 12:19

Anker Ace Chargers Launched

Cheaper USB-C Fast Charging Options

For users of the newest Samsung devices, Anker is releasing a pair of new Ace tiny USB-C chargers. They are compatible with the S23 phones Samsung announced today, as well as any other mobile devices you need to plug in. The Anker 313 charger can quickly recharge an S22 Ultra 5,000mAh battery from zero in under an hour. They also support Samsung Super Fast Charging 2.0 specifications.



The Anker 313, a 45W GaN charger with a single USB-C connection with folding blades, is the first of the two new chargers. Anker’s 313 is 30% smaller than Samsung’s official charger of the same size, and given that it can charge a Galaxy S22 Ultra in less than an hour, it is probably also capable of charging Samsung’s most recent Galaxy S23 Ultra quickly. 

The second charger is the Anker 312, which charges a Galaxy S22’s 3,700mAh battery in less than 1.5 hours and generates 25W of power over its lone USB-C connector. The official 25W Samsung charger is 23 percent smaller and more expensive than Anker’s 312.


Both of the new chargers from Anker have PowerIQ 3.0 proprietary technology, which can determine whether a device is requesting Quick Charge 3.0 or another specialised charging protocol. Anker’s 312 and 313 chargers support their full advertised speed on any PD device in addition to newer Samsung Galaxy smartphones, giving them an advantage over the more expensive official Samsung 45W and 25W chargers.

These new chargers will function exactly like ordinary USB-C PD chargers for owners of other devices, including iPhones, iPads, and contemporary laptops. For Samsung aficionados, these new Anker chargers resemble those that ought to still be bundled with new phones.

Price & Availability

The Anker 313 and Anker 312 are priced at $29.99 and $14.99, respectively and are available on the official website of Anker for all international customers.


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