Apple Upgrades The AirPods Pro Earbuds With USB-C Charging

Discover the latest Apple AirPods Pro upgrade featuring USB-C charging, enhancing your wireless audio experience. Get the details here for a seamless upgrade!

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Thu Sep 14, 2023 - 12:30

Apple Upgrades AirPods Pro With USB-C Charging

iOS 17 Brings New Audio Experiences To All AirPods Pro

Apple has just unveiled the second generation of its popular AirPods Pro, featuring a host of exciting enhancements, including the introduction of MagSafe Charging via USB-C. This latest AirPods Pro aim to further elevate the personal audio experience that millions have come to love. The standout improvements in the AirPods Pro (2nd generation) are set to redefine the world of audio. With an emphasis on delivering impeccable sound quality, these new earbuds offer up to double the Active Noise Cancellation of their predecessors. This ANC enhancement ensures an even more immersive and distraction-free listening experience. Moreover, an advanced Transparency mode has been integrated, allowing users to stay aware of their surroundings while enjoying their music or calls.

AirPods Pro (2nd generation)

Charging Updates

One of the major updates is the inclusion of USB-C charging capabilities. This means that users can conveniently charge their AirPods Pro using a single cable, streamlining their charging routine alongside other Apple devices, including the iPhone 15 lineup. The iPhone 15 models are equipped with USB-C connectors, allowing for direct charging of the AirPods Pro, showcasing Apple’s dedication to an integrated ecosystem.


In addition to their impressive performance, these new AirPods Pro are designed with environmental responsibility in mind. Apple has incorporated sustainable practices by using 100% recycled rare earth elements in all magnets and 100% recycled gold in the plating of multiple printed circuit boards. The case follows suit, utilizing 100% recycled tin in the solder of the main logic board and 100 percent recycled aluminium in the hinge. These earbuds are also free from potentially harmful substances, such as mercury, BFRs, PVC, and beryllium.

The AirPods Pro (2nd generation) also boast an improved IP54 rating, offering increased dust resistance. This enhancement makes them an ideal choice for individuals who enjoy outdoor adventures, as they can withstand rugged conditions. Apple’s commitment to sustainability extends to packaging as well. The redesigned packaging eliminates the outer plastic wrap and incorporates fibre-based materials for more than 90% of the packaging. This move brings Apple closer to its goal of eliminating plastic from its packaging by the year 2025.

Sound Quality

Spatial Audio, which has gained popularity for its immersive soundscapes, leaps forward in the second generation of AirPods Pro. It promises to immerse listeners in a three-dimensional audio experience that’s second to none. To ensure an optimal fit, Apple has expanded the range of ear tip sizes, ensuring that the earbuds cater to a wider audience and remain comfortable during extended use.

The AirPods Pro (2nd generation) with the MagSafe Charging Case (USB-C) bring a game-changing feature to the table: Lossless Audio with Apple Vision Pro. This combination of the H2 chip in the latest AirPods Pro and Apple Vision Pro, along with a cutting-edge wireless audio protocol, unlocks the potential for powerful 20-bit, 48 kHz Lossless Audio. The result is an audio experience with minimal latency, perfect for entertainment, gaming, FaceTime calls, and more.

Price & Availability

The Apple AirPods Pro with a MagSafe Charging Case will hit the shelves on Friday, September 22, and will be available for $249 on and in over 30 countries and regions. If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, the EarPods (USB‐C) are also up for grabs for $19 and can be ordered today from the same channels. Plus, Apple is adding a personal touch by offering free engraving options for the AirPods Pro, allowing customers to express themselves with a mix of emojis, names, initials, and numbers, exclusively through the Apple Store Online. But that’s not all – new subscribers can sweeten the deal by enjoying six months of Apple Music for free when they purchase any AirPods, AirPods Pro, or AirPods Max. It’s a harmonious blend of innovation, personalization, and value that Apple fans worldwide can look forward to.


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