HONOR OF KINGS Gets New Updates With New Heroes & Gameplay

HONOR OF KINGS receives exciting updates! Explore fresh content, enhanced features, and thrilling gameplay in the latest version. Dive into the action today!

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Thu Apr 18, 2024 - 14:00

HONOR OF KINGS Gets New Updates

Offering three new heroes, new gameplay modes and enhanced player experience.

Honor of Kings has received a significant upgrade that includes new features and content, making it more fun for returning players and casual gamers. It is currently the most-played mobile MOBA in the world. In addition, a significant esports project called The Open Series has been unveiled, with the express goal of finding and developing future stars.


Introducing New Champions

As Garo, Allain, and Heino enter Hero’s Gorge’s battlegrounds, get ready to meet them. Each will bring special talents and abilities to the fight. Despite her calm exterior, Garo is an expert longbow shooter who can kill opponents with lethal accuracy when they are far away. Her ultimate ability establishes her as a powerful force on the battlefield and increases her team’s attack speed and critical hits. With his two forms, Heino is a versatile fighter who can move between lethal melee blows and ranged assaults with ease. With the use of his ultimate power, temporal manipulation, he can potentially change the result of a conflict by going back in time. Be not fooled by Allain’s amiable demeanour; he is a formidable opponent on the battlefield who cuts down opponents with his twin swords. When he charges his ultimate, he may soar through the skies, becoming unstoppable and dotting his opponents with damage.

Arcade Mode Unleashed

Arcade Mode offers thrilling new twists to the traditional Honor of King’s action, making it ideal for those looking for a more relaxed gaming experience. These are the two most recent additions:

Bubble Scramble: Take part in frantic 3v3 matches where teams must work together to gather Easter eggs. The winning team is the one that can hold onto all 20 eggs for more than 20 seconds. A player’s collected eggs will be lost if they are defeated in combat, which adds a tactical element to the mayhem.

Mountain of Flames: As teams compete on a map with rivers of molten lava, feel the heat rising. Players can use unique skills to force their opponents into the flaming depths of the match, dealing substantial damage. This is a 5v5 match. This fierce battleground sees the winner as the first team to achieve thirty kills.

Enhancing The Gameplay Experience

Battlefield Events Chronology: Introducing a new tool designed to improve players’ experience on the battlefield: the Battlefield Events Timeline. This dynamic timeline lets gamers become acquainted with important events by offering a glimpse of pivotal times throughout battles. It also has a countdown for Boss renewal, which gives games an additional strategic element.

Hero Guides: Explore the realm of tactics in greater detail with our newest Hero Guides addon. These films provide insightful analysis and tactical tips for every Hero, giving players the tools they need to win battles or handle difficult circumstances with grace.

Overview of Performance: Acknowledge the success you’ve accomplished! After a set of games, players will now have access to a detailed report that highlights their recent successes. Your accomplishments, whether they are unique achievements or the acquisition of a new talent, will not go unnoticed.

Extra Information Updates:

Ranking Board Modifications: Optimising the competitive environment to provide a more equitable experience.

Improved Share Functionality: Thanks to enhancements in the share feature, you can now easily share your successes and special occasions.

New accomplishment System: With the launch of a whole new accomplishment system, take on new challenges and unlock rewards.

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All New Open Series

Honor of Kings’ publisher, Level Infinite, recently announced that enrollment for the brand-new Honor of Kings Open Series Split 1 is currently open. This innovative series gives amateur players a chance to compete both individually and in teams around the world, with the opportunity to advance to the esteemed Honor of Kings Invitational Season 2 tournament. Teams from Türkiye, CIS, MENA, and Wildcard will compete in open qualifiers beginning on May 1, 2024, with no restrictions on rank. The two-stage tournament will conclude in the Finals in May, where players will get exclusive in-game gifts.

James Yang, Senior Director of Level Infinite Global Esports, expressed enthusiasm for the series and emphasised how it will help develop untapped talent and provide a road to professional potential for the Honor of Kings esports ecosystem. Teams interested can register between now and April 26, 2024 (UTC+0), and they can stay updated by following the official social media accounts.


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