PUBG Mobile Version 2.6 Features Game-changing Updates

A multi-map transformation that will take players back millions of years of time is part of the brand-new Version 2.6 Update for PUBG Mobile, one of the most we

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Tue May 16, 2023 - 13:30

PUBG Mobile Enters The World Of Dinosaurs

Game-changing Updates

One of the most well-known mobile games in the world, PUBG Mobile, is releasing its new Version 2.6 Update, which includes a multi-map metamorphosis that will send players back millions of years in time! World of Wonder reaches the next round of its distribution with new enhancements to map editing and game mode design features in addition to these roaring changes. New cosmetic items will also be unlocked as part of Cycle 4 Season 12 and Royale Pass Ace 1, as well as new cooperation with a renowned motorcycle manufacturer.

pubg Dinasaur-min


From May 16 through June 18th, PUBG Mobile’s Version 2.6 Update will feature the Dinoground, taking the game back in time! Players should keep an eye out for Dino Settlements in Livik and Erangel that are packed with goods to take. Additionally, during the game, the Tyrannosaurus Rex, the king of dinosaurs, would periodically appear in the Fossil Keep of the settlement, forcing players to blow apart the keep’s gate in order to free it and ride it!


Additionally, Primal Zone regions will arise at random all throughout Erangel, teeming with dangerous Pterosaurs and Velociraptors that, when tamed, can also serve as noble mounts. Velociraptors can adapt to diverse terrains and have a tremendous jump, but Pterosaurs can carry their riders into the air and swoop down to catch allies or opponents! Users can play a variety of minigames in Primal Zones to earn in-game goodies.

In order to complete the Pterosaur Hoops Challenge, competitors must do aerial gymnastics while mounted on the dinosaurs with wings. In the allotted time, mount your pterosaur and fly through as many hoops dangling from hot air balloons as you can! Once they arrive back on land, the most nimble of riders will be rewarded with a bounty of Dino Treasure supplies. A tamed Velociraptor’s strong jump can be used to access Dino Treasures which are located on high platforms and claim the prize.


World of Wonder, PUBG Mobile’s iconic creative mode, is growing with the Version 2.6 Update as well! A number of significant updates and improvements are now available, allowing more players to join in the fun and construct to their hearts’ content. These changes will transform player creations into works of art. The multiplayer platformer racing template option for World of Wonder will also allow for the creation of a number of concealed traps that test players’ abilities. A number of Cycle 4 Season 12 changes, including new content, incentives, and cosmetics, are also unveiled in the Version 2.6 Update. The new core prizes, Season Missions, and intriguing narrative of this version’s Royale Pass Ace, formerly known as Royale Pass Month, are in line with the release of Dinoground.


The official patch notes for PUBG Mobile’s Version 2.6 Update can be found here. They include comprehensive information about what is included in it. Version 2.6 of the PUBG Mobile update will soon be accessible. On the Google Play Store and the App Store, users may free download the game. In addition, PUBG Mobile will shortly announce a relationship with a well-known elite motorbike brand, just like they collaborated with BUGATTI, so players should keep an eye out for more to come later in the update.


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