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GL – Review – Reolink Lumus Outdoor Security Camera

Reolink’s Lumus is an innovative outdoor security camera that offers a spotlight, 1080p resolution, and motion detection. It is a plug-in outdoor camera that provides a full-colour night mode and is in-app integrated. It offers up to 7-day video history on the cloud and even has local video storage options via an SD card. Let’s find out more about this smart home security device:


Reolink’s Lumus carries the classic security camera design and comes with a black face and a matte white body. It has a spotlight that automatically turns on when it detects motion. There are 6 IR LEDs in a ring shape for better video performance. It also has a daylight sensor that tells the camera when to switch between full colour and grayscale. Lumus is equipped with a built-in mic that offers two-way audio and a PIR motion sensor that detects activity and sends motion alerts to the user’s smartphone. All of these can be seen on the front of the camera. The back of the camera, on the other hand, has an audio output and a wire that feeds to a standard wall outlet. At the camera base, you’ll find a micro SD card slot that allows users to store video clips locally. There’s also a reset button to reset the camera. Since this is a wired outdoor camera, users need to have a power outlet close by.


  • Motion Notifications to send push notifications to the user’s smartphone when the camera detects any specified motion.
  • Pre-motion recording that smartly starts recording 4 seconds prior to when motion is actually detected
  • 24/7 Live Video can record footage for 24 hours a day, every day, to provide live video playback, but the footage is only stored when motion is detected.
  • WiFi connectivity on this supports 2.4 GHz WiFi networks for in-app controls and wireless viewing
  • App Control lets users easily view the camera footage from their smartphones on other devices.
  • Multiple Pairing allows users to pair multiple cameras together, indoor as well as outdoor, to provide whole-home security from a single application.


This camera is capable of a field of view of 100° horizontally and 54° vertically, and has an auto-switching IR-cut filter with full colour as well as greyscale options for its night mode. Reolink’s Lumus, with its spotlight activated, can view activity up to 33 feet away during nighttime. The motion-detection works for movement up to 21 feet away and can be adjusted. During the day, the figures are easily distinguishable. Lumus does a solid job of detecting and alerting about the activity as long as subjects aren’t too far off. At night, the onboard spotlight greatly helps to illuminate activities happening closer to the camera. For users looking for something to simply brighten subjects and movements close to the camera, Reolink’s Lumus is reasonably sufficient.


The audio quality on Reolink’s Lumus is quite good and pretty clear, too. It offers 2-way audio as it has a built-in microphone on its front, and the sound is good on both sides. From the Reolink app, users can use the 2-way audio feature to send verbal messages or emit audible sirens to deter suspicious visitors or behaviour.

Reolink App

The Reolink app is quite user friendly and intuitive. Once the camera is paired to the app, the latter lets users view and analyze any activity. When motion is detected on the Lumus, we received an instant push notification on the paired phone. We had to choose whether we wanted to view that live feed or ignore the alert. The footage is stored for ignored alerts as well.

All in all, this is definitely a solid buy. The Lumus packs good video performance, full-colour night mode, impressive 2-way audio, and an integrated spotlight along with an intuitive application to manage it from. We found it to be quite user-friendly.


  • 1080p video resolution
  • Colour night mode
  • Cloud-based storage is available for free
  • Local storage is possible via an SD card
  • Integrated spotlight


  • Some overexposure during night time surveillance
  • Some motion shots were kind of blurry

Requires a dedicated outdoor power outlet

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