EZVIZ C8C Outdoor Wi-Fi Smart Camera Launched

EZVIZ has launched a smart WIFI camera called the C8C, which is meant for outdoor use and takes advantage of an AI human detection algorithm.

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Thu Sep 16, 2021 - 14:03

EZVIZ C8C Outdoor Camera

Wi-Fi Camera With Advanced Pan/Tilt Technology

As many people across the UAE took to remote work from home during the Covid-19 pandemic it became more important than ever to ensure that our loved ones, children and pets were safe. But keeping an eye on loved ones outdoors can be challenging as traditional camera equipment is often limited by range and field of view. Fortunately, that is not the case with the EZVIZ C8C outdoor pan/tilt camera.


Developed by EZVIZ, a global innovator in home intelligence, this camera solution is the perfect option for parents and pet owners who want the peace of mind that comes with the fact that they can keep a close eye on children and animals as they play freely. As the UAE’s high summer temperatures begin to cool down, many more families will be spending their time outdoors. This can lead to it becoming difficult to keep track of where children are playing or what our pets are up to. This is where the EZVIZ C8C comes in, it is specially designed for outdoor use and is packed with advanced features, providing households with an added level of security. Following are the key reasons why this stunning smart camera is the ideal outdoor solution for any home.

Greater Field Of Vision So Nothing Is Missed

The EZVIZ C8C is different from most fixed outdoor Wi-Fi cameras that depend on narrow fields of view, resulting in huge blind spots. The traditional method of ensuring good coverage of a large space usually means multiple cameras have to be installed at clever locations so that every angle is covered. The expenditure and maintenance shoot up in this case.

The C8C has you covered, quite literally with its 360-degree horizontal and 95-degree vertical viewable coverage. Users can even control camera movement through the EZVIZ companion App on their smartphone or tablet. Add due to the fact that the camera records video at 1080p Full HD resolution while recording audio clearly with a noise-cancelling microphone, users will see and hear everything.

With the help of its advance H.265 video compression technology, the C8C can stream higher-quality video with only half of the bandwidth of other cameras. In other words, users can enjoy smooth streaming with much less space needed to store recordings.

Discrete, Smart And Feature-Packed

EZVIZ understands the importance of technology that easily fits into the lifestyle of consumers. Technology must adapt to a user’s needs and not the other way around. The EZVIZ C8C features a stylish round design that helps it effortlessly blend into any outdoor environment. Owing to its weatherproofing it is also protected from the hot and humid conditions prevalent in the UAE along with rain. Two powerful spotlights will illuminate anyone who comes on or near the property while its colour night vision and sensitive optical lenses can identify details like clothing.

These features are powered by smart AI human detection technology that can quickly differentiate between a potential intruder and the family pet. By switching off the colour mode, the camera’s night vision range can be extended up to 30 meters. The colour mode is switched on once the detected person gets closer enabling every detail to be recorded.

Furthermore, it can detect human movement more precisely than regular motion detection technologies. The C8C uses a special AI algorithm to closely scan movement so that human shapes are focused on. If such human movement is noticed, users will be immediately alerted via their smartphones.

Never Miss A Moment

EZVIZ has created the C8C with convenience and ease of use in mind. It is part of a larger ecosystem of services that give users various options of where to store their recordings. Users have the option to save data in two separate locations simultaneously, so nothing is lost if the camera is damaged, or the network is down. A microSD card and EZVIZ’s very own cloud storage service that keeps the data safe with encryption can also be used.

As mentioned earlier, the EZVIZ App gives users the ability to control almost every aspect of the C8C. The app lets you record, store and protects the footage that matters most to you. Add to that live streaming video, alerts as well as 8x camera zoom and control and users can use the system in a way that best suits their needs.

False alarms are a common problem, especially if consumers live near a busy road or an area with heavy footfall. To avoid the frustration of receiving unnecessary alerts the C8C enables users to customize specific activity zones to filter out unwanted detections.

Consumers today are more selective about what they want from their technology. EZVIZ has been an innovator within the home security field for many years and understands that a one size fits all approach to home security does not work. With the C8C, consumers can enjoy powerful features and customize them quickly and easily to best fit their needs.

This is as perfect a time as any to invest in a home security camera that offers the peace of mind of knowing loved ones are safe.


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