Xiaomi Soft Wind Vertical Cooling & Heating System Launched

Xiaomi has launched the Soft Wind Vertical Air Conditional 3HP, which is a cooling and heating system that features a self cleaning technology.

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Tue Oct 4, 2022 - 14:00

Xiaomi Soft Wind Vertical AC 3HP Launched

Self Cleaning Cooling and Heating System

Xiaomi has launched a new vertical air conditioning unit called the Xiaomi Soft Wind Vertical Air Conditioner 3HP. It is a highly efficient cooling and heating system which features various filtration systems for keeping the air and the machine clean and free of germs.



As the name suggests, the air conditioning units come with a tall and slim vertical design, which features 1908 micro-holes that soften the cold air layer by layer before it is released into the room. Since the air outlet is independently controlled, users can take advantage of various cooling modes, such as upward blowing, downward blowing, full soft air, and surround air output. You can even take advantage of a special zoned air supply system for a more efficient spread.

Speaking of efficiency, the base of the AC unit features a DC inverter compressor which comes with a high-efficiency electronic expansion valve. This enables it to deliver rapidly cooled air without making a whole lot of noise. This setup has been optimized to provide the best cooling possible with the least amount of power requirements. So much so that the Soft Wind AC unit has an APF value of more than 4.5, which makes it more efficient than even the Chinese national energy efficiency standard.


Just because the system is highly efficient doesn't mean that it can't handle all sorts of cooling requirements. You get the benefit of having a solid 3-horsepower cooling system, which has a rated cooling capacity of 7290W. Since this is a variable cooling system, this capacity can go as low as 850W to as high as 9250W in peak performance modes. This translates to an average cooling power of around 2000W, which can go up to 3450W in peak mode.

The Soft Wind Vertical AC also features a heating mode, which offers similarly exceptional figures, with the system rated for a heating capacity of 9710W and heating power of 2760W. You can push these figures up to 12390W and 4200W. respectively, when working at peak performance.

Self Cleaning Technology

One advantage of having such a high heating capacity is that the AC unit can clean itself using a high-temperature self-cleaning function. The system uses heat to enable high-temperature drying, a powerful and reliable technique that can take care of any and all bacteria within the system, with an efficiency rating of 99%. An antibacterial and anti-mold filter is inside the air conditioner to ensure that the air released into the room is similarly clean and germ-free.

Price and Availability

You can take control of all these functions and more via the MIJIA app. The system also comes with a traditional remote control unit for users who want a less complex user experience. This whole setup is available for sale at a starting price of around 5299 yuan. It is available for purchase in the Chinese market for now, with plans for an international launch in the coming future.


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