BenQ W4000i 4K HDR 4-LED Home Cinema Projector Launched

BenQ, a global pioneer in visual display solutions, will present the W4000i 4K HDR 4LED home theatre projector, the latest addition to the home cinema lineup.

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Tue Aug 29, 2023 - 12:00

BenQ W4000i 4K HDR 4LED Home Cinema Projector Launched

Elevating Home Theatre Experience

The W4000i 4K HDR 4LED home theatre projector is the newest addition to the home cinema lineup from BenQ, a leader in visual display solutions worldwide. This state-of-the-art projector has been painstakingly created to accommodate a variety of at-home usage, completely altering how entertainment is enjoyed indoors. An outstanding illustration of the dedication of BenQ to innovation and excellence is the W4000i 4LED 4K cinema projector. It has the exclusive 100% DCI-P3 CinematicColor and HDR-PRO technologies from BenQ, famous for producing real 4K image quality and HDR colour accuracy. This guarantees viewers will be treated to a visual extravaganza with finely defined visuals and accurate, brilliant colours.

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Display & Brightness

Regarding brightness and colour coverage, the W4000i 4LED 4K movie projector is exceptional. No matter the lighting, it claims to give a fantastic viewing experience with its 3200 ANSI lumens brightness and 100% DCI-P3 colour coverage. Pioneering BenQ HDR-PRO technology uses Leading Local Contrast Enhancer, Dynamic Black, and Optimal HDR Tone Mapping to overcome brightness limitations and optimise contrast effects for true HDR performance in its pursuit of ideal picture quality. The projector uses four LED light sources (RGBB), which, in addition to guaranteeing quicker start-up times, also provide a much longer lifespan than conventional bulbs. Due to fewer maintenance requirements, the W4000i 4LED 4K cinema projector ends up being more affordable over time.

BenQ W4000i 4K Projector


This projector’s built-in Android TV, which has received Google certification, adds to its appeal. Users of this feature get unrestricted access to a variety of material via the Google Play Store because it pre-installs streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. The W4000i 4LED 4K cinema projector becomes a complete entertainment centre thanks to its seamless integration of technologies, negating the need for extra external devices.

A Smart Eco mode is also included in the projector, demonstrating BenQ’s commitment to environmental sustainability. The brightness of the projector is intelligently adjusted based on the ambient illumination levels, saving energy. It also adds to increasing the LED life to an astonishing 30,000 hours. Only genuine hues elicit emotions of sadness, joy, romance, and excitement. Each W4000i 4K Projector has been expertly tuned by engineers who are ISF and THX certified, and they are supported by factory calibration reports.


In conclusion, the W4000i 4LED 4K movie projector’s introduction marks a crucial turning point for BenQ. It demonstrates the brand’s ability to create products that change the experience of watching films at home by fusing cutting-edge technology with convenient features. This projector opens the door to a universe of unmatched enjoyment and promises to elevate regular movie nights to spectacular cinematic experiences.


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