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Keep Your Home Safe With These 5 Security Devices

With more and more people operating from home in general, the need for home security solutions has shot up rapidly in the past year. While one may be reluctant to invest in a full-fledged security system just yet, it is wise to consider a security solution of some sort to keep your home and loved ones safe. These stand-alone devices are definitely worth considering:

Ring Video Doorbell Pro

This intelligent doorbell from Ring is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. It makes use of Wi-Fi to connect to an app that gives users a live view of their front door. The Ring Video Doorbell Pro is equipped with a wide-angle lens and records in HD video so users can instantly know who’s knocking at their door. It can be set to automatically record and send users a notification when any motion is detected by it. Additionally, this device has infrared LEDs so that it can offer a clear night vision. It is complete with two-way audio and noise cancellation and makes for the perfect device to check for delivery packages, ignore salespeople, and most importantly, staying safe whether or not one is home.

Samsung SHS-2920 Digital Door Lock

Applying the power of circuit technology to withstand high-voltage electric shock, Samsung’s electronic lock is one of the safest one can find in the market today. It is equipped with fire safety measures wherein if the indoor temperature reaches 60 degrees or above, an alarm sound off, and the lock automatically releases. Samsung’s SHS-2920 also provides extra anti-theft security in the form of an alarm that goes off if the door is unlocked from the inside when the user is not at home. It also has an automatic locking function that means one can never forget to lock the door again. Boasting features such as dual-way security and touchscreen-based control system, the Samsung SHS-2920 Digital Door Lock increases a user’s home security significantly. This lock is also provided with a crime setting feature from Samsung that prevents intrusion whenever the users are going out – it does so by making the alarm sound if the door lock is operated from inside the home during their absence.

Kangaroo Motion + Entry Sensor

Super easy to set up, Kangaroo’s Motion + Entry Sensor is a great product that can be placed at any entry point to get notified when someone comes in. This device is also a motion sensor, so it lets users know about any suspicious activity immediately. All one needs is a smartphone and Wi-Fi to and this home security device will let users know of any suspicious activity is going on at their homes while they are away. For those who think this might be an issue with their pets, don’t worry; dogs and cats won’t unnecessarily trigger these sensors as Kangaroo has very smartly built-in a pet rejection technology that recognizes a pet and can differentiate it from a potential intruder.

Logitech Circle View Wired Doorbell

The Logitech Circle View Wired Doorbell is an Apple HomeKit-enabled device that works well with one’s smart home setup. It features the Apple HomeKit Secure Video along with face recognition. Logitech’s Circle View Wired Doorbell is the first doorbell that is not only HomeKit-compatible but also features Apple HomeKit Secure Video, so users can always check who’s at their front door. Boasting HD video and colour night vision capabilities, this Logitech Doorbell ensures users see clearly no matter what time it is. It even alerts users if it’s someone they don’t know. This slim gadget easily fits on to most doorframes and has quite a sleek and modern look to it.

Spexor, from Bosch

It lets you take your home security system anywhere. Set-up the wireless device in your car when you’re on the go. If Spexor’s sensors are triggered while armed, users receive an alert on the mobile app. If any danger is detected, users can simply use Bosch’s Emergency Assistant to notify their pre-selected emergency contacts or even call the police. Users will soon be able to connect multiple Spexor security devices and control them all using one app as well. The smart Spexor can detect intrusions in countless places and measure the air quality in its surroundings. Users can use spexor as a mobile alarm device and as an air quality monitor anywhere they want. It only requires a connection to a Wi-Fi or mobile network to inform users in case of a trigger or lousy air quality. The wireless security device is quite small and portable – it is only 4.7 inches tall. It scans the surrounding environment with its high-quality sensors and works without any cables or a router. Its rechargeable battery lasts for about 2-3 weeks depending on usage when in battery saving mode.

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