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Latest Tablets Reviews

Latest Tablets Reviews

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra Review

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra is the latest addition to the high-end tablet line of Samsung, offering an impressive array of features that set it apart from its competitors. With a larger display, stronger performance, and enhanced capabilities, it has made its mark in the tech...

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OnePlus Pad Review

With the OnePlus Pad, the first-ever tablet from the brand, OnePlus gets a lot of things right. If you are familiar with the OnePlus brand, you will know that the business entered the market with Android devices that offered high-end specs at low cost. The OnePlus phone used to b...

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HONOR Pad 8 Review

In an effort to establish itself in the tablet market, HONOR is launching its first tablet, the Pad 8. Among 12-inch tablets available right now, the Pad 8 is one of the least expensive. Will the HONOR Pad 8 features and functionalities meet the needs of Android tablet users of t...

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Huawei MatePad Pro 11 Review

Are you mostly an entertainment lover? Or a workaholic? Or a light gamer? All these sides are catered to by the new MatePad Pro 11. The most recent Huawei tablet offers multitasking abilities and useful accessories to get serious work done, as well as a quality screen and speaker...

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Realme Pad X Review

The tablet segment came into existence around the same time we were initially introduced to smartphones as a concept. In fact, even before smartphones gained mainstream prominence, tablets were being used in the enterprise sector for various purposes. Companies like Microsoft, Go...

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Huawei MatePad 2022 Review

The latest Huawei MatePad (2022) is an excellent effort at minimizing the expense of its lack of Google in terms of value for money. Huawei devices have not had access to Google Services in Western countries for a few years now, but that is not something Huawei controls. On phone...

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Lenovo Yoga Tab 13 Review

The tablet market has been pretty underdeveloped and overlooked for quite some time now, with only a handful of players offering products that are even worth considering. A lot of this has to do with the dominance of Apple and their ever-expanding iPad lineup, which has a strangl...

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE Review

Developed as a step to provide a more affordable alternative to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7, the Galaxy Tab S7 FE (Fan Edition), tries to strike a balance between performance and affordability. Does this watered-down tablet stand up to the expectations we have from Samsung or does ...

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Huawei MatePad 11 Review

The offbeat player in a market dominated by Apple and Samsung, the Huawei MatePad 11 aims to cater to the needs of people who want a combination of ultra-portability and performance. However, with Google services out of the window and proprietary Harmony OS running under the hood...

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Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab Review

Buying a tablet is often a baffling choice, we find many people with mixed feelings – do they need a tablet? is it reliable? Or should they instead buy the latest 6-inch smartphone? The smartphone vs tablet debate has been a controversial one for several years as many smart...

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