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Lenovo Launches New Monitors & Computer Accessories

This year at CES, Lenovo announced a slew of new products, from consumer laptops, to gaming monitors and other devices. Amongst these launches, the company also included three new Q-series consumer monitors, the Lenovo Q27h-20, Lenovo Q27q-20, and Lenovo Q24i-20 that perfectly balance style and functionality for the home.
The collection starts with the high-end 27-inch Lenovo Q27h-20 monitor that features a stylish design and Lenovo’s leading natural low blue light technology certified by Eyesafe for better eye protection. This four-sided near edgeless display delivers an excellent user experience via QHD IPS HDR panel that’s 95 percent DCI-P3, 99 percent sRGB and Delta E<2 accurate.
You can transform your Lenovo Q27h into an entertainment connection hub with convenient USB-C one cable docking solution to enable device charging and/or display extension. You can get up to 90W of charging power to your laptop to get work done. The display sits on a distinctive asymmetric metallic arm, which has an integrated phone holder and smart speaker to reduce desk clutter. It can be easily adjusted to match your viewing height for maximum comfort. Plus, a solid Terrazzo grey base brings stability to the design.
Other options include the larger 27-inch Lenovo Q27q-20 with up to QHD resolution, and the 23.8-inch Lenovo Q24i-20 with up to Full HD. With similar 7.1mm ultra-slim head and three-sided near edgeless design, these stylish mainstream monitors blend sophistication and comfort with an ergonomic stand.
Yoga Mobile Mouse, Yoga Performance Mouse and the Lenovo Go 130W Multi-port Charger
In addition to the monitors, Lenovo also launched a few consumer computing peripherals. For individuals looking for a wireless mouse with a premium look and feel, the company introduced the ultra-portable Yoga Mobile Mouse, as well as a new Yoga Performance Mouse with an ergonomic high-handed design and programmable buttons.
Available in Cloud Grey and Dark Teal hue to complement new Yoga devices, they’re built with three adjustable settings for higher sensitivity of up to 2400 DPI, plus a dynamic scroll wheel with dual speeds. Both fully-functional mice deliver users with the accuracy of an IR sensor, a dual-host Bluetooth connection, and long-lasting integrated battery that’s easily recharged via USB-C.
For people suffering from charging anxiety, you can even get an elegant on-table solution that enables the simultaneous charging of up to four devices, including the new Yoga mice. Meet the compact Lenovo Go 130W Multi-port Charger that offers three USB-C power delivery ports with up to 100W laptop charging and one USB-A port with quick charging up to 18W. The portable charger intelligently allocates power depending on the connected device and includes LED indicators to display charge status.
You can get the monitors this coming summer, with the Lenovo Q27h-20 starting at $349.99, the Lenovo Q27q-20 starting at $299.99, and the Lenovo Q24i-20 available at $199.99. The other peripherals are pretty cheap in comparison. With the Yoga Wireless Mobile Mouse starting at $39.99, the Yoga Wireless Performance Mouse starting at $39.99, and the Lenovo Go 130W Multi-port Charger going for just $99.99.

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