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Lenovo Updates ThinkPad X1 Laptops

Lenovo was present in full force at this year’s CES. The company announced a slew of launches, including the updates to the premium ThinkPad X1 series. This includes the top three members of the ThinkPad portfolio, which now include the latest X1 Carbon 10th Gen, the X1 Yoga 7th Gen, and the X1 Nano 2nd Gen. They are optimized for hybrid workers and professionals who seek higher levels of performance, better camera and audio capabilities for more immersive collaboration.
All three laptops feature a refreshed design, which looks both modern yet professional. The ThinkPad X1 Yoga 7th Gen truly shines in this aspect, with its machined aluminum design that offers a wide range of movement. The X1 Yoga and the X1 Carbon both get a new air-intake keyboard design as part of this refresh, which is meant to improve thermal performance.
Another key design feature is the new communications bar that integrates an improved FHD webcam, a privacy shutter and 360-degree far field quad-array microphones. The bar design allows a camera with a larger sensor than what is usually found on laptops. The 1.4µm sensor increases image quality especially in low light conditions.
This updated camera helps enable a new Computer Vision (CV) technology. CV offers user presence detection for a simpler login convenience, and better energy management. It uses a Neural Processing Unit (NPU) that generates metadata from the integrated camera based on known recognition and AI algorithm modeling. This means that the system can actually differentiate between users who intend to use the PC, as opposed to a passing colleague in the office or a cat at home. It is even supposed to work when the user is wearing a protective face mask. To save power, Computer Vision can also turn off or dim the display when the user looks away, thus improving energy efficiency and adding an extra layer of privacy while working in public places.
All of these systems are powered by the latest Intel 12th Gen processors with Intel vPro options including the U15 and P28. They are paired with the latest LPDDR5 memory and PCIe Gen 4 storage options to reduce system latency. This much computing power is enough to run Windows 11 Pro, which comes in-built with these models. So, you can handle almost any task on these systems with ease.
The user experience is further complimented by the availability of OLED display options, with the X1 Carbon getting a new 2.8k OLED display, while the X1 Yoga gets a 4K OLED that has been certified by Eyesafe as being a low blue light panel. You also get the whole Dolby suite including a Dolby Atmos Speaker System, Dolby Vision on supported displays, and Dolby Voice with AI noise cancellation for crystal clear audio conferencing.
On the whole, this makes for a comprehensive laptop experience, which will take care of all your workload needs. You will have to pay a pretty penny for it though, as the X1 Carbon Gen 10 starts at around $1639, with the X1 Yoga Gen 7 going up to $1749, and the X1 Nano Gen 2 sitting in the middle with a starting price of $1659.

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