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While other companies were busy with launching new products at CES 2022, LG Electronics took a different ap-proach and instead focused on presenting its vision for an enhanced lifestyle through technology. This showcase was hosted by LG CEO William Cho and revolved around the theme of, The Better Life You Deserve.
This focus was visible in their upgraded ThinQ platform, which promises to empower compatible products with more features through OTA updates. These products include the newly introduced LG StanbyME, a mobile wireless display that goes anywhere in the house on a stand, and can rotate into both horizontal and vertical form factors according to your needs.
They also introduced a latest C2 and G2 TVs for people who need the best viewing experience. The company said these displays can be synced through ThinQ for easy content sharing. We were hoping they would give more details, but this seemed more like a visual introduction rather than a full presentation.

Another new introduction to the LG ecosystem was the PuriCare AeroTower, an all-in-one home air care solution designed to deliver the benefits of an air purifier, fan and heater in one body. This is also a portable unit, which can be easily moved to any room of the house.


What can’t be moved around are LG’s newly announced kitchen appliances, like the unique LG tiiun indoor garden-ing appliance, which acts as an automated garden ecosystem for growing healthy greens all year round.

Another big product for the kitchen is the InstaView refrigerator, which features a special “knock twice to see inside” transparent door, along with all the other features and conveniences you might want from your home appliances.
All these products were showcased to display LG’s larger vision of deliver a better living experience, through sustain-able technology. This focus on sustainability saw LG commit to using recycled materials in packaging materials of LG Soundbar and the reduction of plastic components in LG OLED TVs. The company expects to introduce more than 600,000 tons of recycled plastic into its manufacturing processes and increase the recovery of electronic waste to eight million tons by 2030.
To encourage innovation in the areas of sustainability and inclusivity, LG is further establishing the LIFE’S GOOD AWARD focusing on Innovation for Earth and Innovation for All. Up to USD 1 million will be awarded to winning par-ticipants, as and when the awards are presented in the year ahead.
Speaking of future, LG also showcased what could be the future of connectivity, with an AI-powered CLOi door-to-door delivery robot being readied to roll into service. For human transport, the company showcased the LG OM-NIPOD, a driverless mobility concept. It is expected to be an on-the-road extension of one’s personal living space. Designed to function as a home office, an entertainment center or even a lounge.
All these new products and technologies were part of LG’s Home Entertainment showcase, which tries to give you a glimpse into the future of connected technologies and how they will shape our world.

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