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Make a MESH out of your Wifi Network with TP-Link X60

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TP-Link Deco X60 is the latest generation high-performance mesh Wi-Fi system from the global networking solutions provider that supports comes with a maximum backhaul throughput of up to 3000Mbps. That’s a massive improvement from their Deco M5’s peak throughput of 1300Mbps. Here’s all you need to know about the lightning-fast mesh Wi-Fi system.


The Deco X60 sports a neat and minimalistic design that has no visible antennas – all the 6 antennas on this system are very cleverly hidden inside the device. It comes in a matte white colour (only) that resists fingerprints and dust. The Deco X60 is much bigger and heavier compared to the old Deco design as TP-Link has used a bigger, more powerful antenna array on this one. This greatly enhances the signal strength, and we found the device remains much cooler as well. The multi-colour LED indicator seems hidden and can be switched off in the system itself.


TP-Link’s Deco X60 broadcasts a single Wi-Fi name, unlike when using a wireless extender which ends up with multiple Wi-Fi names causing confusion every now and then. With its seamless roaming feature, the system is automatically able to switch the user to the best access point and band automatically. The Deco X60 mesh Wi-Fi system comes in two kinds of packs – the twin pack and the triple pack variant. The twin pack variant is suitable for up to 5000 square feet, and the triple pack is suitable for up to 7000 square feet, which is pretty amazing for all sizes of houses, even those with hugs backyards and lawns. Deco X60 is quite responsive and user-friendly as it shows all the connected devices and their current network speeds in one place. Also, unlike some other mesh Wi-Fi systems in the market, this system can support Guest Wi-Fi function. TP-Link has included their HomeCare security suite on the Deco X60 with an enhanced Antivirus function and parental control feature, which is pretty cool. However, the upgraded Antivirus is only free for the first 3 months and requires a subscription after that.


The biggest plus on the Deco X60 is hands down the upgraded Wi-Fi specifications that feature dual-band Wi-Fi 6 up to AX3000 with a 1Ghz Quad-Core Qualcomm CPU. The Deco X60 is has a 4×4 5Ghz Wi-Fi channel, which is double the speed on the Deco X20, making is a massive upgrade in comparison. While there are only 2 Gigabit WAN/LAN ports on the Deco X60, but, one can always purchase an 8 ports Gigabit Ethernet switch to make up for that.


We found that the Deco X60 offers a Wi-Fi speed up to 800Mbps on the mesh router when tested using a Wi-Fi 6 client. Even with wireless AC devices that do not support Wi-Fi 6, there is significantly better Wi-Fi speed to enjoy with this. On the mesh point, the performance of the Deco X60 has improved significantly over the previous Deco M5 and Deco M9 Plus.

We want to point out that TP-Link parental control might just be the best in the market as it lets users select which devices they wish to restrict and what category of content to block. The parental control also lets users configure daily internet usage limits for each device and the cut-off time when the internet can be disabled on a selected device.

Although this is a mesh Wi-Fi system, the DecoX60 still lets users perform the usual configurations of a regular wireless router with features like port forwarding, dynamic DNS and fixed DHCP lease.


All in all, TP-Link’s Deco X60 is a great mesh Wi-Fi system with significant improvements over its predecessors owing to faster Wi-Fi speeds and more robust Wi-Fi coverage. We love how simple the setup process for this device it and how useful the Deco App is for upgrades and everything else. A twin pack would suffice for most households, and we feel it’s an excellent buy considering everyone’s growing Wi-Fi needs at home.

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