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Mercusys Extends Product Line To Deliver Better Connectivity For All Users

MERCUSYS, a dependable network device provider specializing in innovative, integrated essential networking devices, is rapidly scaling its line of networking solutions, especially with WiFi 6, to deliver seamless and strong internet access to provide countless opportunities for communication, entertainment, education, and much more. Its latest range of products helps unlock access to the potential that schools, businesses, homes, and communities hold. Mercusys provides robust routers, adapters, range extenders, and switches that are easy to set up to provide a dependable network for home, offices, and other environments with networking requirements. Its latest range of devices help create a network that enables users to live a richer and more productive life.

Mercusys is dedicated to developing the most simple, intuitive, and accessible solutions to get users online and help them get the most out of life. The company has introduced its first WiFi 6 Router — the MR70X, an AX1800 dual-band WiFi 6 router combining powerful WiFi 6 features, 4× state of the art high-gain antennas, and the newest WPA3 security system, allowing for more simultaneous connections, extended WiFi range, and trustworthy data transmissions that satiate the demand for a high-tech wireless experience. Mercusys offers innovative new products that are easy to set up and easier to control with their app-based management features. They have been ingeniously designed to provide rugged network capabilities like quicker data transmission and seamless network deployment.

Mercusys offers an entire range of home mesh solutions powered by the latest technology such as WiFi 6, AI-Driven Mesh, and top shelf hardware. In MEA region Mercusys as a brand is going to introduce multiple new models such as Mesh WiFi (Halo Mesh) whose range is spread across two series, the Halo H Series, which includes two new WiFi 6 dual-band solutions, Halo H80X and Halo H70X. Mercusys Whole-Home Mesh WiFi System, Halo Mesh H50G for Unified Whole-Home Coverage provides an active device with mesh technology that provides seamless WiFi to deliver an incredibly fast and stable experience even when users walk around. Halo H50G harnesses the power of 3 AC1900 units, providing whole-home seamless WiFi, making Halo capable of making sure phones, computers, tablets, smart home and other IoT devices are connected and operating at their highest performance.

This year, Mercusys will be releasing some new products to its next-gen WiFi 6 Router family –Strapped with next-gen WiFi 6, both 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz are upgraded to the latest generation, supporting total speeds of up to 1800 Mbps – 1201 Mbps on 5 GHz and 574 Mbps on 2.4 GHz. This helps create a quick connection between the device and the router to let gamers enjoy online gaming, 4K videos, and more responsive IoT devices without any lag. MR80X, an AX3000 router and AX1800 router, MR50G, an AX1900 dual-and router, and MR60X, and AX1500 router. With MU-MIMO and OFDMA, MR70X moves data to and from multiple devices simultaneously, reaching up to 4× more capacity, notably increasing your devices’ transmission efficiency and the throughput of your whole network under similar conditions.

Moreover, Mercusys has also developed some impressive Range Extenders as a part of its new range which will be available in the MEA region soon. ME30, an AC1200 dual-band, ME20, and AC750 dual-band, and ME200RE and ME10, which are N300 based, all connect to routers in a wireless fashion to strengthen and expand its signal into areas it can’t reach on its own. Users can enjoy fast extended WiFi anywhere up to 1200 Mbps (867 Mbps on 5 GHz, 300 Mbps on 2.4 GHz) with these products. Mercusys even has Powerline solutions that help expand wired and wireless Networks. Its MP510 Kit and MP500 Kit are both designed to extend users’ WiFi network to every corner of their house through their existing electrical wiring without the need for new wiring or drilling.

DSL Modem Routers, Adapters, SOHO Switches, are some of the other networking products offered by Mercusys. The MW300D DSL Modem Router is an all-in-one device, i.e., an ADSL Modem cum Wireless Router that delivers quick daily WiFi to allow users to stream games or videos and download files at speeds of up to 300 Mbps. The company has made extensions in their range of Adapters as well, with MA80XE, MU6H, and MW300UH. Mercusys SOHO Switch range also has some new additions – MS108 and MS108G, which are 8-port Gigabit Desktop Switches and MS105 and MS105G, which are 5-port Gigabit Desktop Switches. They are small in design with an easy plug-and-play set-up that allows better wired network extension. The Mercusys network is vast and growing every day, and their products deliver both unrivaled performance and lasting value. Mercusys works closely with its partners at MediaTek and Qualcomm to create products that have the ability to improve the daily networking experience of all its users.

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