Acer Enters E-bike Market with AI-driven Ebii

For an ideal and customised riding experience, the Acer ebii e-bike has AI-driven technology that adjusts to the riding environment, pedalling force, and the us

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Thu Apr 27, 2023 - 14:30

Acer AI-driven Ebii Launched For Urban Commuting

Adapting To Riding Conditions & Pedaling Power

The Acer ebii, an AI-driven single-motor electric bike, was unveiled by Acer today. It features an intelligent vehicle control box that contains all of the necessary components for a comfortable and simple ride. For a more comfortable ride, ebiiAssist automatically adjusts to route circumstances, pedalling force, and rider preferences. Its long-lasting battery, clever safety measures, and simple, light design let users easily move across metropolitan streets in comfort and style while producing less carbon dioxide. Let us know more about this new release in detail.


The Innovation

The brand-new Acer ebii upholds our commitment to sustainability through technology and imaginative design, which is further motivated by the goal to improve users’ experiences and mobility. The Acer ebii’s AI assistance and cutting-edge safety features enable urban commuters who are looking for practical, secure, and environmentally friendly choices to go farther and quicker. Acer’s entry into the e-bike market combines work from its companies, such as the power system from MPS Energy and cycling computing from Xplova. The intelligent vehicle control box, which powers and controls all of the bike’s various features from a single point of operation, is the design’s cornerstone.


The aluminium alloy frame of the 16kg ebii is strong, compact, and designed for a stable and responsive riding experience. Smooth lines and a cool matte white finish define its subtle yet striking appearance. The ebii’s semi-transparent headlamp contributes to its contemporary appearance, and the LED display in the middle of the handlebars plainly displays information that riders will need to know when navigating to their destinations.


With its distinctive modular architecture that combines the control box and battery pack into a single small intelligent vehicle control box, the Acer ebii stands out from the competition. Its unique design allows for convenient battery travel and charging straightforward maintenance, and worry-free upgradeability in a stylish and effective package. The wheelset at the motor position has a sturdy single-sided fork design and a highly effective 250/350 W motor with a 48 V CAN bus and 40 Nm torque performance, enabling assisted riding at speeds of up to 25 km/h. The hub can be set up as the rider prefers—front, centre, or rear—and is capable of being used as a front, centre, or rear hub.

The ebiiAssist feature of the bike, driven by AI, intelligently adapts over time to the rider’s pedalling style, road circumstances, and chosen level of help for a more individualised experience. In order to deliver effortless riding based on the users’ pedalling and the routeing environment, the controller uses its AI technology throughout rides.

ACER (3)


The ebii has a robust, detachable battery that can sustain up to 110 km of travel and can be fully charged in only 2.5 hours. AI-optimized power distribution also helps to increase the battery life to accommodate a full day’s worth of riding. It is constructed using MPS Energy’s high-integrity architecture, which makes use of a distinctive cell arrangement and holder for increased charge protection and safety. The fast-charging battery has also undergone stringent testing and certification approvals for ultimate dependability and security.

The battery pack, which can serve as a portable charger for other devices, is easily removable by users. The battery can also be equipped with a well-thought-out handle for easy portability. Additionally, riders can use ebiiGO or the smart LED display on the handlebars to check the battery’s power supply for various indications like remaining trip time.

Smart Features

Through the ebiiGO companion app, ebii’s AI also makes use of big data to gather user insights. Riders can use ebiiGO to check recommended routes, battery life, riding speed, auto-unlock settings, and more to have more control over their urban excursions after pairing their phone through Bluetooth with their e-bike. Additionally, they get access to ebiiRide, an adaptive mission control app that collaborates with ebiiAssist to guarantee that drivers never run out of battery while driving. Users of ebiiRide have a choice of three riding modes: Eco Mode for power-saving, ‘My ebii’ Mode for intelligent balancing, and Boost Mode for speed and motor output modifications depending on the route to the destination and the current road conditions.

Road-Safety Features

Riders of e-bikes may now approach the roads with confidence thanks to the Acer ebii’s array of cutting-edge safety features. The headlight and taillight of the ebii automatically turn on in the dark, and there is additional illumination beneath the vehicle control box to improve visibility while riding at night. The Rear Collision Warning radar sensor located under the seat is another feature of the ebii that warns the user of vehicles or other objects coming up from behind. Riders benefit from increased peace of mind and better trip planning thanks to accident detection and e-bike health status notification features.


The airless tyres on the ebii are secure for riding at high speeds because they are constructed with thick foam inserts that simulate riding against the wind and take the anxiety out of flat tyres. The flat-free tyres were created with sustainability in mind and are also composed of closed-loop recyclable materials. A rust-free, carbon belt drive that requires no oil for maintenance reinforces the e-bike’s remarkable durability. Riders benefit from its removable battery pack’s enhanced efficiency and convenience by being able to undertake improvements without having to replace the entire bike’s frame.

Price & Availability

Starting in September, the Acer ebii will be sold in EMEA for $1,999. Regional variations will exist in availability, pricing, and specifics.


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