Onyx Boox Tab X Android E-Ink Tablet Unveiled

Onyx has launched a new android tablet that features a bright and vibrant e-ink display, called the Onyx Boox Tab X, which runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon process

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Mon Jan 23, 2023 - 11:23

Onyx Boox Tab X Unveiled

With A 13.3 Inch E-Ink Display

With a 13.3-inch e-ink screen, the Boox Tab X complete Android tablet by Onyx has just been unveiled. Beyond only having an e-ink display, the new Android tablet has other impressive capabilities. With a respectable 13.3-inch display and excellent e-ink features, the Boox Tab X is a very competent tablet on a budget.



The Boox Tab X offers 128GB of internal storage and 6GB of RAM. The internal gyroscope for automatic rotation and the tablet’s processor are both Qualcomm products. The tablet’s 6,300mAh battery allows for prolonged use of the device. The tablet uses an optimised version of Android 11. The Google Play Store allows for the installation of apps on the tablet. The device’s Super Refresh feature further improves app performance. The tablet also makes use of a dedicated GPU to refresh the screen and get rid of ghosting.


The tablet’s screen assembly is 50% thinner than previous incarnations, giving users a viewing experience similar to that of paper. When using the tablet for handwriting, it also provides the impression of writing with a pen on paper.


The Boox Tab X is a high-end e-ink tablet with a smooth note-taking and reading experience. The stylus pen that comes with the Tab X can be flipped over and used as an eraser in addition to being used for handwriting. For taking notes rather than typing, the tablet can also be connected to any Bluetooth keyboard. In addition to the stylus, the Boox bundle for the Tab X also comes with extra nibs and a trifold case.

Price & Availability

The Boox Tab X from Onyx will retail for $879. The Boox Tab Ultra, which costs much less than the Tab X but has a larger display, shares the same specifications as the Tab X. The Boox Tab X will be available on the official website of Onyx and on Amazon starting from the first week of February. Global shipping will be applicable to all countries.


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