BenQ GW2485TC & GW2785TC Eye-Care Monitors Launched

BenQu2019s GW2485TC & GW2785TC are a pair of special eye-care monitors which have been designed for remote productivity and to help people avoid strain.

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Mon Dec 27, 2021 - 10:59

BenQ GW2485TC & GW2785TC Monitors Launched

Eye-Care Monitors for Remote Productivity

BenQ has launched its all-new GW2485TC and GW2785TC monitors. These have been designed to reduce eye strain during prolonged screen time through upgraded eye-care technologies. They also sport productivity features such as a built-in noise cancelling microphone for joining online meetings and a USB-C port for powering devices, plus adjustable height via the ergonomic stand to help young professionals succeed at work.


A Monitor For Remote Working And Upskilling

As young professionals adapt to hybrid and remote work lifestyles, they are spending more time in front of screens, making the need for a monitor with robust eye-care benefits a must-have. Advanced eye-care technologies, plus built-in productivity tools such as the microphone and USB-C port make the new GW2485TC and GW2785TC monitors ideal for both productivity and safer screen time and healthier digital lifestyles.

Productivity And Eye Protection For Young Professionals

The GW2485TC 24-inch and GW2785TC 27-inch monitors have built-in productivity features to keep young professionals focused. The built-in noise cancelling microphone filters out background noise to give meeting attendees clear audio — even in noisy environments — while Dialogue Mode makes voices clearly audible during calls and online video meetings. Meanwhile, BenQ has launched a suite of learning capabilities to make online learning easier for those looking to upskill from home. Coders will find improved efficiency in coding sessions and in realizing software projects with Coding Mode, which brings out colours in text for easy distinguishing of strings of code. Care Mode protects the eyes by lowering the on-screen brightness and colour saturation for more comfortable viewing. Finally, ePaper mode filters harmful blue light and prevents eye fatigue from reading blog content and providing a natural online reading experience.

Additionally, the USB Type-C port delivers fast audio, video, and 60-watt-quick charging of mobile devices via a single cable. For a complete workstation setup, two to four monitors can be connected via Daisy Chain for a multi-monitor setup, providing extra screen real estate and a decluttered workspace.

The Latest Eye-Care Technology

The new GW2485TC and GW2785TC monitors are equipped with advanced eye-care technology that keeps eye safety in mind during prolonged work and online learning sessions. BenQ’s acclaimed Low Blue Light technology is now upgraded to Low Blue Light Plus. Certified by Eyesafe, Low Blue Light Plus works by filtering out the shorter, higher energy blue-violet radiation which is harmful to the eyes while also preserving blue hues in images to maintain colour accuracy. As it protects the retina, the monitors retain the beneficial blue light that can improve concentration and reduce sleeplessness.

The GW2485TC and GW2785TC monitors also feature Brightness Intelligence, which uses a sensor that detects ambient light, brightness, and contrast of screen content to adapt brightness levels and enhance dark areas without overexposing bright regions. Plus, flicker-free technology eliminates flickering at all brightness levels to reduce eye strain, headaches and decreased productivity.

Ergonomic Design For Comfortable Viewing

The new GW2485TC and GW2785TC monitors feature an ergonomic design, letting users easily adjust the monitor’s position for a more comfortable viewing angle and an improved work or study space. Users can adjust the monitor’s viewing angle by raising or lowering monitor height, plus they can tilt, pivot, and swivel the screen to suit viewing needs.


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