TP-Link RE505X Wi-Fi Extender Reviewed by Great Lobbyist

TP-Link RE505X Wi-Fi range extender is the perfect tool to help you get complete hassle-free internet coverage in your home and/or office environments.

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Tue Jul 28, 2020 - 16:00

TP-Link RE505X Wi-Fi Range Extender Review

No More Wi-Fi Dead Zones

Many of us do not have the liberty to choose the set-up of fibre box to our convenience, our internet providers do that for us, and in most cases, the box is not capable of covering all the corners of a home. So how do we get rid of these dead zones? One way is to buy an expensive Mesh Technology modern WI-FI set, or one can buy an extender at a lower price and enjoy a more extensive range without sacrificing speed. This brings us to the latest AX1500 model Wi-Fi extender from TP-Link that we reviewed, the RE505X.



RE505X from TP-Link is a modern extender equipped with the latest wireless technology which can support a mesh network by connecting to a One Mesh router to provide seamless whole-home coverage. If you are not using One Mesh routers, then do not worry, RE505X is seamlessly compatible with other routers too.

It is supported by Wi-Fi 6, the latest generation of WI-FI technology that is built to support a growing number of devices. RE505X promises faster speed, and higher capacity, and reduces network congestion in a few simple steps.

One of the best features of RE505X is its Intelligent Signal Light – this helped us determine the best location to set up the extender while the AP mode creates a new access point and contributes speed and signal strength as same as the primary router.

Set up

We just had to plug the extender to the nearest power outlet in one of the dead zone areas and wait for the indicators to light up and stay stable. Once stable, we downloaded the TP-LINK Tether App, it’s available on both iOS and Android app stores and allows the extender to share the Wi-Fi range. Once the power button on the extender was solid, which indicated that we were connected to the main router, we were pretty much done.

One just needs to set an extender password and voila! The dead zone’s networking troubles were wiped out in a few seconds.

Ports & Design

RE505X is quite a handy box with 2 horns acting as its antennae and a 3-pin plug for the convenience of the user. There are 4 LED indicators, power, WI-FI connection, 2.4G connection, and 5G connection along with a reset button on the side. It also accommodates an ethernet cable port on the other side for a comprehensive array of connection options, such as PS4, TV, or PC.


If you are facing dead zone trouble at your house and don’t want to spend on an expensive router, this is a great buy. If you are looking to enjoy the range and speed of the main router, then RE505X is the extender for you.


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