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Razer Opus Gaming Headphones – WoW Factor

The Razer Opus noise-cancelling headphones are pretty much at par with Bose but come at almost half the price. While this is Razer’s first-ever non-gaming, noise-cancelling headset, but it definitely doesn’t look like it – it totally exceeded our expectations. Let’s find out more about this impressive headset.


This headset has been designed to offer sound quality and cut out all the noise pollution in the background. While we do feel the cups could have been ever so slightly larger, but we agree that it’s entirely relative for everyone, so it may not be a concern for many people, after all. The headphones come in a subtle and classy monochromatic design that we think looks really amazing. A tastefully done Razer logo can be found on either side of the headband. Users get a hardy carrying case along with this headset, and we found that to be super useful as it has space for all the cables, one would need to fully take advantage of the Razer Opus.


As far as connectivity goes, there are two ports on the Razer Opus – a USB-C for charging along with a 3.5mm headphone jack. This basically allows users to connect this headset with everything. The button layout on this is fairly simple – there is just a power button, a toggle for the active noise-cancellation on the left side, volume controls and a dedicated button for the voice assistant on one’s phone. We really like the inclusion of this voice assistant button as it makes using the Razer Opus a whole lot easier. The four microphones on this are strategically located on the outside of the headphones so that they can intelligently cancel outside noises.


Razer has worked hard to bring THX certification to these headphones, and we’re glad they did. Opus is incredibly well-balanced, thanks to this. No matter what type of music you may be listening to, the Razer Opus has no problem making your music come to life. There is nothing to complain about in the sound quality department, really. It also has an app for iOS as well as Android devices that lets users alter the soundstage of the headphones. The one feature that made us love this headset for regular use is its one auto-pause/auto-play. We just had to pull our headphones down to pause what we were listening to without having to do it manually – that is amazing for a device like this.


The battery life on the Razer Opus is quite commendable, too. While Razer claims that it has up to 25 hours of battery life, and they are not wrong at all – we didn’t even have to charge it once in almost two weeks of using it for over an hour daily! The auto-pause functionality also turns the headset off you when you’re not using it, saving precious battery.


Stylish design

Incredible noise cancellation

Snug fit


No option for manual sound tuning

Maximum volume is not too loud

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