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Simple Tech Gadgets That Prove We Live In The Future

The ever-evolving world of innovation has something for everyone. Each wave of new technology and innovation takes us into the future. These intelligent gadgets prove we are already living in the future.

Self-Changing Trash Can

Self-changing trash cans are loaded with smart technology to not only sense when the garbage bag is full, but also know when to seal it off. They trap the odour inside and can also put a new bag in place.

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OmiSonic Wireless Ultrasonic Cleaning Tool

This lets users achieve total cleanliness for a variety of objects. It works with water and uses ultrasonic cleaning technology to eliminate germs from hand wash-only clothes, food, and hard-to-clean objects. It can clean up to 2 kgs of clothing on a single run and can even handle wine stains, rust, and more.

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Sunflower Drone Security System

This clever Bee drone flies around the property to detect and even deter unwanted visitors. It automatically goes back to the hive when it’s time to recharge it. We love that it communicates with “Sunflowers” to understand the boundaries and layout of the property to provide accurate security.

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Hi-Interiors HiBed Canopy Smart Bed
This will soon be available for purchase. It’s a bed comes that with a canopy design and features integrated lights to help the user fall asleep and even wake them up, gently. It conceals a built-in TV for an HD experience right from the bed.

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Kohler Numi 2.0 Intelligent Toilet
This intelligent toilet comes with built-in speakers and adjustable lighting to set the mood a user may need in order to go about their morning business. It also includes a PureWarmth toilet seat to ensure optimal temperature so that the user is completely comfortable when it’s time to go.

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Snapchat Spectacles 3 3D Video Glasses

These pai or goggles are here to prove what they can be made to be capable of. These 3D video glasses have two built-in HD cameras on their sides to capture the user’s experiences and adventures. The cameras are at eye-level so the glasses are able to capture one’s world – in a 3D video.

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Microsoft Surface Translating Earbuds

These futuristic earbuds connect to Microsoft Office and as one is presenting, they can create captions in real-time. This enables listeners all the way in the back of the room to know what is being said. That’s not it, these earbuds can also do this in 60 different languages, making the user’s information accessible around the globe.

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These can be super useful in their own ways and transform the way one would do that particular task. So, which one are you buying today?

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