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Smart Home Security Camera By TP-Link – Tapo C310

TP-Link’s TapoC310 security camera packs tons of features, especially since it is such a budget-friendly device. It even comes equipped with advanced night vision capabilities that actually provide visibility up to distances of around 98 ft, which is, 30m even when it is pitch -dark outside. Tapo C310 has a really cool sound and light alarm that gets immediately triggered when detecting particular light and sound effects. It also offers support for local storage up to 128 GB via microSD card. One thing we missed on is the support for cloud storage, and we feel this might be an issue for some who are looking to use this for a more extended period.

This budget-friendly smart home security device from TP-link features a 3MP ultra-high-definition camera for video recording. Tapo C310 enables users with complete clarity for identifying visitors. It is equipped to send instant motion detection notifications every time the camera detects a movement. The cute looking device comes with IP66 weatherproofing that ensures it doesn’t get damaged during monsoons. TP-Link’s Tapo C310 offers both wireless and wired connectivity options wherein you can connect to a network either via Wi-Fi or via Ethernet. What we loved is that communication is also possible with Tapo C310 thanks to its two-way audio support with built-in microphone and speaker. Also notable is the fact that its voice control features never fail to impress as it works really well with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Now, let’s talk about the actual camera quality and capabilities. The 1/2.7″ sensor on TapoC310 can record video in 2304×1296 resolution at 15 fps while the focal length on this is 3.89 mm. Add to this the 850 nm infrared on it that provides the night vision LED to deliver crystal clear and super detailed black and white images quite well in the dark. Also, we found that we could easily zoom in by double-tapping or what is also referred to as pinching-to-zoom. TP-Link’s Tapo C310 is an impressive high-quality Wi-Fi camera, especially for the price segment it has been introduced in. It really doesn’t burn a hole in one’s pocket and is actually a great way to secure homes. Recording on TP-Link’s Tapo C310 can be configured both for motion detection and constant, and we were also able to configure a recording schedule. The two-way audio quality on this is excellent, and the volume is also decently loud even when the camera is mounted on a higher level.

TP-Link’s Tapo C310 comes with a power adapter, an installation kit with anchors, a waterproof seal, waterproof cable attachments and screws, along with a quick start guide as well as an installation guide. This tiny and simple looking device sports the lens, infrared sensors and an LED indicator on top, and one can find moveable Wi-Fi antennas on both sides of the camera. The device’s base features its built-in speaker, a microphone, and there’s also a slot for the microSD card. There are two cables on Tapo C310 – one for Ethernet and the other for the power cable, as this device from TP-Link cannot run on batteries. All in all, we feel this is a fantastic home security device that pretty much does it all it’s supposed and even more considering it comes at a reasonable price point.

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