Apple Patents Crack Resistant Displays For Future iPads

Apple has filed a new patent regarding a crack-resistant foldable display that might be featured in future foldable devices from the brand, such as a larger iPa

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Mon Jan 23, 2023 - 16:49

Apple Patents Crack Resistant Foldable Display

Bringing Stability In the Fragile Devices

Apple has always been very interested in foldable technology. The latest proof of that is that the corporation has recently been awarded a number of patents on the subject. The most recent US Patent and Trademark Office-issued patent proposes a foldable display that is intended to be crack-resistant. This might help with the fragility of foldable technology, which is one of the key issues.


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The Patent & Its Features

A display that consists of several layers, including a flexible substrate, a thin-film transistor layer, and a protective layer, is the subject of the patent with the serial number US-20230011092-A1. The protective layer’s purpose is to stop cracks from emerging in the flexible substrate, the display component that is most prone to damage. Apple has also been given a patent for a self-healing display in addition to the crack-resistant display. Another prevalent problem with foldable devices is minor scratches, which this technique would enable the display to recover from.

Devices With This Technology

There have been rumours about a potential new iPad with a foldable display, even though many experts think a folding iPhone is unlikely. But this would give Apple a chance to test and improve the technology before perhaps introducing a foldable iPhone. Since the iPad is a lesser-known product in Apple’s lineup than the iPhone, a foldable iPad would also be less dangerous for the business.


It appears likely that Apple will release a foldable smartphone soon given the increasing number of competitors that are entering the foldable industry, including Lenovo with their foldable laptops, Google with its impending Pixel Fold or the already established Samsung Galaxy Fold. The development of Apple’s foldable smartphone will probably be significantly influenced by this latest patent and earlier ones on self-healing displays, adding additional dependability and longevity to the flexible form factor.


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