HONOR releases the slimmest foldable HONOR V Purse in China

Discover the latest innovation - ultra-slim HONOR V Purse foldable device. Sleek, stylish, and cutting-edge, it is a game-changer in the world of smartphones.

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Wed Sep 20, 2023 - 13:00

HONOR releases the HONOR V Purse in China

The Thinnest Outward Foldable Phone In The World

In Shanghai, China, HONOR, a leading global technology brand, today unveiled the HONOR V Purse. The out-warding folding smartphone, which is designed to be incredibly thin and stylish, is just 8.6 mm when folded and 4.3 mm when unfurled, breaking the previous record for the thinnest foldable smartphone. After announcing the HONOR V Purse concept phone at IFA this year, this is the first time HONOR has transformed a concept into a commercial product. The HONOR V Purse, which elegantly embodies the phone-to-purse idea and represents the meeting point of fashion and technology, introduces a new fashionable choice for consumers who value style.


The World’s Thinnest Foldable Phone

The HONOR V Purse, which measures just 8.6mm when folded and 4.3mm when unfolded, breaks the previous record for thinness for foldable smartphones as part of its quest for the slimmest and lightest foldable form factor. The innovative bag phone, which weighs only 214g and is as lightweight as a bar smartphone in the hand, gives consumers the adaptability of a huge folding screen without the weight of traditional foldables. The brand-new HONOR hinge makes it possible to achieve the most recent advancement in folding thinness. Super springs that are 1.2 mm thick and tiny gears with a 1.73 mm diameter. The new hinge uses HONOR’s exclusive steel and a revolutionary folding mechanism to provide exceptional toughness while being remarkably light.

A variety of interchangeable straps and chains that clip onto the HONOR V Purse’s hinge enable you to easily wear your smartphone over your shoulder or carry it in your hand, as you would an ordinary purse. With the new HONOR V Purse, your smartphone transforms seamlessly into the ultimate phy-gital fashion statement. This is made possible by a series of customizable always-on-display designs that mimic a handbag design of your choice. The smartphone’s clasp, which unlocks the screen with a gratifying click, much like the buckle on your favourite clutch, makes unfolding it a unique experience in and of itself.


The HONOR V Purse is a mobile photo studio with a 50MP IMX800 sensor that you can wear. The huge screen can be folded down and used as a digital viewfinder so you can see what you’re seeing when taking selfies with the back cameras, or it can be utilised as a fill light to help you produce beautiful portrait photographs. A dual-purpose 12MP ultra-wide and macro camera gives the potent primary camera more versatility, allowing you to take stunning landscape photos, expansive group photos that can comfortably fit a big gathering, and incredibly close-up photographs that reveal details that are frequently missed by the unaided eye. The HONOR V Purse provides 0.6x, 0.8x, 1x, and 1.3x digital zoom, reproducing several portrait styles, and is enhanced with the HONOR Image Engine. For serious portrait photographers, there is also a special Portrait Mode with the ability to switch between 1x and 2x zoom. The HONOR V Purse’s AI Skin Colour Algorithm intelligently increases skin’s brightness and blurs background light sources to create bokeh effects, enabling you to take professional-quality photographs wherever you are.

Image Quality

A modern 7.71-inch 2K flexible OLED display with a maximum brightness of 1,600 nits is available on the HONOR V Purse. The brilliant screen maintains its vibrancy and legibility in direct sunlight when combined with an anti-reflective coating that allows more light to pass through while reducing reflection.

In addition, technological improvements allow the HONOR V Purse’s display to go as dark as two nits, ensuring that late-night reading is as soothing to the eyes as it is to the mind. Customers’ favourite HONOR eye protection features, such as 2,160Hz PWM Dimming, which virtually eliminates harmful screen flicker, as well as Dynamic Dimming and Circadian Night Display, which lessen eye fatigue from prolonged smartphone use, are supported by the HONOR V Purse.

Build Quality

For the HONOR V Purse, HONOR created a multi-tier screen protection technology to meet the greater screen durability standards for outward folding phones. The device is heavily fortified to endure normal wear and tear; the screen and clasp have each been tested to withstand 200,000 unfolds and unclasps in addition to passing a variety of shock and abrasion resistance examinations. The HONOR V Purse, known for its dependability, is the first outward folding phone to receive certification from SGS, a major testing, inspection, and certification company, for both 5-star drop resistance for the entire unit and 5-star impact resistance for the screen.


To keep up with today’s increasingly connected lifestyles, the two Silicon-carbon batteries inside the HONOR V Purse deliver a combined 4,500mAh in battery capacity. The Silicon-carbon cells, which incorporate HONOR’s ground-breaking low-voltage charge-gathering technology, have modified circuitry and a new discharge system to offer 360% more charge than conventional graphite-based battery systems and allow the HONOR V Purse to operate dependably at low voltages. With the 7.71-inch 2K display unfolded, the HONOR V Purse can provide up to 8.7 hours of video playback, 10.6 hours of nonstop article reading, or 16 hours of online music play thanks to the new Silicon-carbon anodes and HONOR’s in-house battery optimisation solution.


The all-new MagicOS 7.2 introduces a plethora of smart and multi-device connectivity features that are intended to enhance the daily user experience, including new AOD designs, HONOR Notes, YOYO Suggestions, MagicRing, and more. The foldable form factor is fully utilised by Parallel Place, a safe place created to preserve your data security, to enable you to quickly and securely divide private files and images from important work-related apps and data. For added convenience, you can choose to simultaneously interact with your main profile and Parallel Space while they are both displayed in two different windows.

Price & Availability

The world’s slimmest and lightest purse phone, the HONOR V Purse is the new “it” bag of the future. It offers limitless opportunities for style and self-expression while delivering top-notch visuals, battery life, and smart experiences. The HONOR V Purse, available in Gold, Blue, and Black, will be put up for preorder beginning on September 19 in China, with prices starting at $820 for the 16GB + 256GB option.


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