Nokia G60 5G entry-level smartphone review

Nokia has launched an entry-level yet powerful featured G60 5G smartphone which is a treat for the loyal Nokia fans.

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Mon Mar 20, 2023 - 11:00

Nokia G60 Review

Diving Deep Into Nokiau2019s Power-packed G60 5G Ready Smartphone

The latest product launch of Nokia intends to combat the lack of impressive specs by providing a more efficient user experience with stock Android software, reliable customer support, as well as an increased focus on sustainability. The G60 phone arrives in packaging constructed from recycled paper and is manufactured using up to 100% recycled plastic for its back panel and 60% for its frame. Reviewing the technical specifications of the phone is essential, yet it does not tell you everything. HMD has made a commitment to their Nokia smartphone lineup with its 3-3-3 promise — three years of OS updates, security patches and warranty coverage for peace of mind. If you are a long-term phone user, then this feature can be invaluable.


Design and Build Quality

Crafted from recycled materials and designed with eco-friendly technology, the Nokia G60 5G is an
environmentally conscious powerhouse – while also boasting superior build quality and
craftsmanship. When you hold it in your hands, its solid grip gives a palpable sense of durability,
encapsulated within a compact frame that lends to its longevity. Rest assured; this isn’t just good for
the planet – it is made to last as well! The camera island is made with an improved, scratch-resistant
material that gives it a sleek matte finish. No longer are you stuck with those unsightly scratches like
the older versions; this time around it looks incredibly premium! The Gorilla Glass 5 guarantee on
the front provides more reliable protection for your display, making it worry-free when you drop
your phone. As an added bonus, the bundled crystal-clear case safeguards against any unexpected
falls from a pocket or purse.



It is not unusual to opt for a regular LCD display in order to save on costs. Nonetheless, the G60 5G
offers something extra special: its midrange display is unbelievably clear and vibrant! We were
astonished at this discovery since no particular tuning of the screen was mentioned apart from the
120Hz refresh rate and Gorilla Glass 5 protection. Words do not sufficiently convey the vivacity of
the Nokia G60 5G compared to higher-end models like the Nokia 8.3 5G, XR20, and 7.2 with its
remarkable Puredisplay panel – you got to use it to believe it. It seems clear that this display is
modeled after the innovative Puredisplay technology, as its vibrancy and dynamic range shift
depending on what it is displaying. Ultimately, HMD Global has crafted one of their best products in
recent years with the Nokia G60 5G display.



Enjoy speed and smoothness with the SD695 platform paired with 6GB of RAM and 128GB storage.
With a close-to-stock Android firmware, you won’t experience any lags or app crashes—tasks will
effortlessly transition without fail! The Nokia G60 5G is a remarkable leap forward from the
company’s previous SD480 platform. With its harmonious combination of hardware and software, it
proves to be an absolute joy to use. With this phone, you won’t find yourself wanting for more since
it packs solid specifications and innovative features which can handle even the most strenuous of
tasks. With unlimited tinkering, you can customize the system to your heart’s content. The G60 5G is
one of those phones that are worth buying just because they bring something else to the table –
smoothness, robust performance, and a great user experience.



For many years, Nokia and high-quality cameras were practically inseparable. However, due to a
series of lack-luster releases the two have been drifting apart. As the Nokia G60 5G is a phone that
has outperformed all our expectations, we highly recommend it to anyone who needs an excellent
camera but doesn’t want to break their budget. Nokia has combined all of its advanced AI camera
technology into one 50 MP triple-camera, featuring Ultra-Wide Capture Fusion, Dark Vision and AI
Portraits. Now you can have even more shareable content day or night! Boasting a 50MP main
camera sensor with an f/1.8 lens, as well as a 5MP ultrawide unit featuring an f/2.2 fixed-focus lens
and LED flash – along with the 2MP depth sensor at f/2.4 – this device is sure to capture any shot!



The Nokia G60 5G is the ultimate device for anyone seeking a mid-range smartphone that doesn’t
sacrifice performance and camera quality. From its near stock Android experience to its remarkable
build quality, display clarity, battery life, cameras and overall performance – all at an economical
price point – this phone stands out as one of the best value propositions in the market today. The
phone features an IP52 rating, offering reliable protection against dust and rain. However, the only
drawback is that its ambient light sensor could use some improvements as it fails to measure
accurately compared to other devices. Overall, this phone is an outstanding choice, given what it
packs at its price point.


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