Huawei To Soon Commemorate Ten Years Of Tablet Innovation

Discover a decade full of cutting-edge tablet innovation with Huawei as they celebrate ten years of pushing boundaries. Explore the evolution of Huawei tablets.

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Wed Dec 6, 2023 - 13:30

Huawei To Commemorate Ten Years Of Tablet Innovation

With Its Biggest Launch To Date

Huawei has announced a major worldwide product launch in Dubai in December and has teased some of its soon-to-be-released devices, including the HUAWEI MatePad Pro 13.2 inch. Huawei is putting more effort into the tablet market with this, which will be the largest tablet of the company to date. For everyone who loves tablets, this is wonderful news, but it is also interesting to see how Huawei tablets have developed.

Q4 Launch_Teaser_16x9_EN

Ten years of tablet industry leadership

Since 2016, the number of tablets sold worldwide has decreased due to the introduction of lightweight laptops and smartphones with larger screens. Huawei has remained steadfast in a field that many other suppliers have abandoned, pushing cutting-edge research and development and introducing a wide range of innovative products to infuse new life into the industry. Tens of thousands of patents and other cutting-edge technologies have resulted from this decade of investment and invention, bringing powerful productivity capabilities to tablets for the first time and enabling Huawei to maintain its leadership position in light productivity.

Developing novel tools for productivity

Over 100 million Huawei tablets are currently shipped worldwide, demonstrating Huawei’s ongoing commitment to this industry. Huawei has long recognised the value of tablets as a form of entertainment. For this reason, the business added top-notch audiovisual functions to its MediaPad M series tablets, which greatly pleased users and expanded the tablet market. With the times, Huawei realised that people needed mobile office and productivity tools, so it updated its MediaPad M6 with “App Multiplier” and upgraded its MatePad Pro 10.8 with “Multi-Screen Collaboration.” These functions raise the bar for productivity while on the fly. These features were further improved by the MatePad Pro 11″‘s cutting-edge software, which included PC Application Engine and HUAWEI Notes.

Huawei introduced a distinctive design for the MatePad Pro 12.6″. Additionally, the MatePad Pro 11″ had a hidden floating antenna that enhanced signal performance. Over time, Huawei tablets have also witnessed major improvements in their display and audio capabilities, offering an entirely new level of immersion. These all demonstrate Huawei’s customer-focused approach to product innovation, offering features that are both user-friendly and robust.

Bringing vitality to the stale PC market

Huawei offers a wide range of features in both its tablets and PCs, which are equally amazing. Huawei’s PC division has developed a distinctive product portfolio by utilising the company’s skills in various consumer product sectors and the ICT industry. Huawei has combined innovative technologies like SuperTurbo, the Huawei Metaline Antenna, minimalist design, intelligent interactions, and optimal performance with stunning aesthetics. Huawei laptops, in contrast to conventional PCs, can cram such a large number of features into thin, portable packages. Due in large part to its user-centric strategy and dedication to excellence in all areas—from craftsmanship to technology to ecosystem construction—Huawei has enjoyed remarkable success in the tablet and PC sectors. As a result, Huawei can steadily rise to the top of the tablet and PC markets.

With many of the cutting-edge technology that will influence the direction of the tablet market, the upcoming HUAWEI MatePad Pro 13.2″ is a monument to Huawei’s legacy as it marks the tenth anniversary of its tablets.


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