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TP-Link RE605X WiFi Range Extender Review

RE605X is a reliable range extender from TP-Link priced at AED 295. With this price comes a lot of convenience and connectivity. This dual-band extender has WiFi 6 support and is very easy to set up and connect to. Let’s learn more about this device.


The RE605X is essentially a brick-sized white box that can directly be plugged into a wall outlet. We love that it is almost invisible in places that have white or light coloured walls. There are two antennas on the side that can be swivelled at 180 degrees in one direction. It has a WPS button and lights for power, connections and WiFi. The RE605X sports a Gigabit Extender port and several vents on the top as well as the sides. It is robust and seems like a durable device.


We were able to quickly set up the extender by turning it on near one of our routers and downloading the TP-Link tether app. One simple needs to connect it to their 2.4 or 5 GHz WiFi network and they’re good to go. It’s a user-friendly device, and the app is excellent at giving instructions on how to set up your extender. Users can also identify dead zones and customize the range if they want to keep the power usage under check.

Connectivity and Network

TP-Link’s RE605X range extender has dual-band so one can easily clock around 1200 Mbps on the 5Ghz band and approximately 550Mbps on the 2.4 GHz band depending on their connection. We were able to resolve many dead zone issues in our large apartment with this as it opts for the faster signal on both bands. Users can also connect to it via an ethernet cable to use it as an access point, just in case. We really think OneMesh feature is noteworthy as it let us create a mesh network. It only supports WiFi 6 enabled routers, and they are relatively new, so it’s definitely a future proof device. The network coverage it provides is simply excellent, and we were able to add more devices on to it without the network dropping on any of them.


The slightly higher price the RE605X has been introduced in cannot be ignored, but it does offer a lot of conveniences that we think makes it worth it. It saves users from the hassle required in setting up, provides easy access to information about the network and extends it by an incredible range.


Can be set up within minutes

WiFi 6 enabled

Compatible with all routers


Can be controlled with a phone via TP-Link’s app


OneMesh network is only compatible with a few routers

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