BenQ EH600 Smart Projector Reviewed by Great Lobbyist

BenQ EH600 is a professional-grade smart projector which can support a 1080p HD display with 3,500 lumens output for over 5,000 hours on continuous use.

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Fri May 29, 2020 - 05:55

BenQ EH600 Smart Projector Review

For Business and For Pleasure

The new EH600 from BenQ is an Android-based smart projector – probably the first such professional-grade Android-based projector, in our opinion. Come take a look at the EH600 from a variety of angles with us as we explore its look, feel, ease of use, file support, and more.



The BenQ EH600 is quite lightweight with its 2.5kg body weight, but it is also very sturdy at the same time. The casing has been made with white ABS plastic and gives a smooth, professional finish that will go with every kind of room. The projector is portable, so it’s also quite compact, measuring 11.65 inches in width, 9.13 inches in depth, and 4.72 inches in height. It stands on 6 rubber feet that help keep the projector in place; three of these are even height adjustable so the EH600 can be used at a range of surface heights. Both the right and left sides of the body are vented, allowing easy air passage and avoiding overheating of the bulb system inside.

The top side houses a few buttons for basic functions such as turning the projector on and off and adjusting the picture adjustment menu. Users will need to use an app to perform more advanced tasks. The lens is placed entirely inside the body, and it is not visible from the outside except for the small bulge it creates at the bottom.


The EH600 operates at 33 decibels when it’s on full power, and in its slightly dimmer “economy” mode, that drops to 29 decibels. This is quite quiet in comparison to other projectors in this segment that create a lot of noise.

What we love most about BenQ EH600 is that one doesn’t need a connected device to display their slideshows, presentations, or documents – a USB thumb drive or portable hard drive suffices as the projector supports JPEG, PDF, DOCX, XLS, PPT, and an array of other commonly used formats.

To control all of those features, one needs to download the BenQ Smart Control app that is available on both Apple and Android app stores. This app turns the user’s smartphone into an advanced remote control for the EH600. Another app that we strongly suggest users download on their smartphones even though it is already pre-installed on the device is BenQ’s Blizz videoconference app. Downloading this on your device enables you to set up videoconferences with other people who use this app. BenQ EH600 also includes a built-in Firefox browser app which is a handy feature when using the app to control a presentation and need to access a YouTube link or other relevant online content.

BenQ’s TeamViewer Quick Support app is also pre-installed on the EH600, which is great because it allows its technicians to access the projector and provide users with technical support remotely. Don’t worry, this service operates with a fully secure connection, so one’s other connected devices are under no threat. Another benefit of this app is that it allows BenQ’s technicians to remotely update the projector’s firmware when a new version is available. We feel this is amazing because many IoT devices today have no way to upgrade, which makes them vulnerable to hackers.


When it comes to connectivity, BenQ EH600 offers a wide selection of options – there are a couple of standard USB Type-A ports, a Mini USB port and an HDMI port. So, no matter what type of output we preferred, we were able to plug right in and faced no issues in that regard. There’s also a feature for when there are multiple devices connected to the projector simultaneously – the EH600 has a button on top to help users cycle through the various inputs. Users can also connect directly to the EH600 via Bluetooth with any smartphone, tablet, or PC.

The EH600 has two aux ports. One is for input that we used to supply external sound to the 2-watt internal speaker with the help of an external set; the second one is for output, which can be used to patch audio from USB, HDMI, or as the aux input to an external speaker.


The EH600 excels in brightness – an area that’s essential for a professional-grade projector with its impressive 3,500 lumens when the bulb is set to operate at full brightness. That is bright enough for the content being projected to be seen clearly even under intense fluorescent lights. In a darker setting, we put the lamp in SmartEco mode to save power and extend the bulb life.

BenQ EH600’s bulb is rated to last for 5,000 hours on continuous use when set to the Normal mode, which is quite a lot. This straight-up doubles to up to 10,000 hours if set to Economic mode, and triples to up to 15,000 hours when used on the SmartEco mode we mentioned earlier. What we love about the SmartEco mode, is that the bulb eventually goes into LampSave mode when it’s left inactive for a few minutes. This is particularly useful when users are alternating between presentations and activity segments during all-day meetings and sessions.

The smart business projector offers full 1080p HD with a native aspect ratio of 16:9 and a resolution of 1920 x 1080. We noticed that it allowed us to choose between four other aspect ratios, to help avoid “black bars” under most circumstances. With the contrast ratio being 6,000:1, we were able to clearly see the difference between very similar colours which was quite impressive. The black balance on this is also fantastic, making dark scenes and pictures easily visible and distinguishable. The EH600 is also an infographic mode that is specially designed for the bright, high-contrast text and images that are highly prevalent in presentations these days.

Let’s talk about the sound now – BenQ EH600 houses a single, 2-watt speaker that delivers much better sound quality than we expected from a 2-watt speaker. However, the downside is that it’s not very loud which means we had to connect to a set of external speakers in order to show videos (or presentations with sounds) in a larger room.


All in all, the BenQ EH600 is perfect for what it is designed for – meeting rooms. So, if you’re looking to buy a projector for your home, this wouldn’t be the one you should be investing in. However, when it comes to business use, we feel that EH600 is one of the best projectors currently in the market. While 1080p is excellent for a majority of the presentations and meetings, the bulb life this offers is also very impressive, to say the least. What is most impressive for businesses is the amount of connectivity and app control BenQ’s EH600 offers.


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