BenQ TK800M 4K Projector Reviewed by the Great Lobbyist

BenQ TK800M is a 4K HDR projector which delivers 3000 lumens of output for a total of 15,000 hours of lamp life using a special SmartEco mode.

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Sun Jun 7, 2020 - 06:33

BenQ TK800M 4K Projector Review

Thats what we Call Home Cinema

The BenQ TK800M projector can most definitely handle any surrounding light better than most other 4K projectors in the market making it truly possible to bring the real cinema-quality experience home without the concern of making a room pitch dark, something a number of other 4K UHD projectors require.


BenQ’s TK800 solves this problem effectively by using 3,000 lumens of brightness and offering an incredibly accurate colour gamut. We think it portrays better visuals when we don’t have a setting that is completely dark. We bring to you everything you need to know about this solid projector and its performance.


BenQ has surely put some serious thought into designing this new TK800M 4K projector, and we have no complaints. The BenQ TK800M comes with a backlit remote control that is extremely convenient for darkroom usage – it just aids the whole experience of watching a  movie in the dark. We also appreciated the soothing blue colour incorporated in the front of the unit, a pleasant surprise in a world of otherwise mundane white, black or silver projectors. Some basic controls can be found on top of the unit, and it also has a small speaker. Don’t expect a cinema-quality sound from this in-built speaker though – it’s advisable to use an external set of speakers or a soundbar for a complete home-theatre experience. While there’s no lens shift with the TK800M, there is an additional foot that comes out from the bottom side on the front which can be extended so that the user can easily adjust the height of the image. With many other projectors, this generally tends to cause recognizable distortions, but the TK800 is equipped with auto-correction to take care of that, making it extremely simple to set this up.


We feel that this 4K HDR video projector fits perfectly for a range of entertainment options, be it engrossing films, immersive gaming or watching sports. Owing to its High Dynamic Range support, BenQ TK800M is quite multi-purpose according to our analysis, giving little or no reason for complaints or concerns during either of the above indulgences. BenQ’s wide colour gamut projector provides optimal colour balance and contrast with its 8.3 million pixels and special HDR processing. When combined with the TK800M’s 3000 lumens of brightness, we found ourselves enjoying some truly stunning cinematic visuals no matter the darkness levels in a room. With its 1.2x optical zoom, it can pretty much be used in any room and always gives its users the ability to cast big visuals – in smaller rooms, one can just keep it closer to the screen/screening surface.

The projector is equipped with BenQ’s new 4K colour wheel that provides 92% of the Rec.709 colour space while the 120 Hz refresh rate it functions with steers clear of any image blur. The BenQ TK800M 4K HDR video projector lamp is rated to deliver up to 4,000 hours of lamp life, but if you want to make the most of it, we’d recommend using the SmartEco mode that allows you to extend the life of the lamp and it can actually give you around a total of 15,000 hours of lamp life.


BenQ TK800M comes with the usual selection of audio and video options – two HDMI ports, one is HDCP 2.2 for 4K devices, while the other one is for 1080p devices. Along with these, there is VGA, 3.5 mm audio in and out, and a 1DC 12V Trigger.


We tested the BenQ TK800M in all kinds of possible scenarios– broad daylight, low light and pitch dark and we were not disappointed in any of those settings even once. Owing to its high lumens offering, it is hands-down better than a number of other projectors in broad daylight, and there are different modes that users can adjust to ensure the perfect setting that is corresponding to the lighting they’re using. The different modes to choose from are Football, Sport, Bright, Vivid TV and Cinema Mode.

In certain settings where the room can’t be made dark enough, we found the Vivid TV mode to work best for us as it delivered outstanding image integrity and colour despite the lighting. We found that the Cinema Mode can effectively deliver an authentic cinema experience if you can get the room dark enough. With HDR, it actually provides some impressive visual content, especially if you’re watching sports. This is an excellent projector for viewing sports – it can produce an image up to 300” in size! Landscape and wildlife visuals can be breathtaking if you’re watching 4K content.

Somehow, we felt that this projector is relatively quiet when compared to the BenQ projectors we have used earlier, with the 4K colour wheel and the cooling fan not producing much noise either – which is appreciated. We even tested this with PS4 and Xbox One to see how the gaming experience is and we are happy and pleasantly surprised to report that we did not see any noticeable lag in 4K gaming either.


All in all, we have to admit that we found no cause for concern with this device because, in all our usage, we were more or less very impressed with BenQ’s TK800M 4K home cinema projector. We got lost in the beautiful colours that come to life with this projector and can safely say that this is one of the best projectors we have reviewed so far. While the blacks may not be utterly perfect, the rest of the projector pretty much is. Moreover, the optical zoom it allows makes it usable in almost any room size, so that’s a great plus, too. This 4K UHD 3840×2160 projector should most definitely be invested in if you are looking to get cinema-quality entertainment at home, especially since it has been priced so lucratively, too. It is capable of replacing the television for a number of users out.


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