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ViewSonic Elite XG270QG – Gaming Monitor for Pros

best gaming monitor review

The ViewSonic Elite XG270QG is a great 27 inch, 1440p gaming monitor that has a native refresh rate of 144Hz which can be easily overclocked to 165Hz. It has an excellent response time, and the input lag is incredibly low, giving users a highly responsive gaming experience. Let’s find out more about this gaming monitor.


The design of the Elite XG270QG is similar to that of the ViewSonic’s Elite XG270. The gaming monitor is matte black with RGB lighting on the back. The stand has a one-of-a-kind design that lays flat and supports the monitor well. The monitor has good ergonomics and we were able to adjust it however we liked. The back of the monitor has RGB lighting and there is an option for cable management through the stand itself. It also has a quick-release button that we found useful when we had to VESA mount it. There’s a headphone hook and a mouse bungee to hang the peripherals as well. The borders of this monitor are thin on three sides, and we think that’s is great for a multi-monitor setup. The screen of the XG270QG itself isn’t very thick, so it doesn’t stick out much when it is mounted. ViewSonic’s Elite XG270QG has a good build quality and feels quite sturdy overall.


The monitor offers an outstanding response time at its max refresh rate. The Elite XG270QG has an outstanding response time at 60Hz, which is better than most monitors in this segment. This monitor is flicker-free, which helps greatly in reducing eye strain. This is a big advantage for gamers, especially during extended hours of gaming. The XG270QG has an excellent refresh rate. The native 144Hz refresh rate can be easily overclocked to 165Hz. This monitor also supports G-SYNC variable refresh rate (VRR) technology that reduces screen tearing and this is only available through a DisplayPort connection. This monitor is also FreeSync compatible over its full range through a DisplayPort connection.


The best overdrive setting is ‘Standard’ as that’s when we found the least amount of overshoot. If some amount of motion blur bothers you, the ‘Advanced’ setting has less blur, but it is important to note that that comes with more overshoot. The G-SYNC VRR can only be used over a DisplayPort connection. When using HDMI, the refresh rate is limited to 60Hz, and VRR doesn’t work.  Since it has an IPS panel, this monitor can’t really produce deep blacks and has a somewhat lacklustre black uniformity. However, it has some incredibly wide viewing angles. Unfortunately, this gaming monitor from ViewSonic doesn’t support HDR and has a poor out-of-the-box colour accuracy. However, in SDR, it can get impressively bright. It comes with an outstanding colour gamut that is capable of displaying a wide range of colours.


The ViewSonic Elite XG270QG is a good recommendation monitor for most uses. It naturally performs best as a gaming monitor. The good things about this are its G-SYNC VRR support, incredibly low input lag, and excellent response time, that result in clear motion. The monitor’s 27 inch, 1440p screen is great for opening multiple windows simultaneously while working. It can deliver incredible brightness and has great reflection handling.


Incredible response time.

Impressively low input lag.

Amazing reflection handling.


Bad colour accuracy on default settings.

Cannot produce deep blacks.

Great Lobbyist reviews the best Gaming monitors available in UAE

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