Apple Watch Ultra Reviewed by the Great Lobbyist

Here is our review of the latest and most expensive smartwatch on offer from the popular American brand, called the Apple Watch Ultra, which is aimed at sports

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Thu Jan 5, 2023 - 18:00

Apple Watch Ultra Review

Bigger, Better And Adventurous

The greatest Apple Watch currently available is the Ultra model. In spite of the fact that it is bulkier, heavier, and significantly more expensive than all the other Apple Watches, it is the greatest smartwatch for someone who is willing to splurge. This is the first serious attempt of Apple at an adventure watch. The watch is built to last, with a large 49-millimetre display, an Action Button, and a ton of outdoor sports features that make it seem right at home on the wrist of a sportsperson. Let us go more specific about whether or not you ought to splurge on this.

Apple Watch Ultra Review

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Build Quality

In every way, the Ultra is an upgraded Apple Watch. All the well-known components are present, but they’re bigger and bolder than in earlier models. Both the side button and the digital crown have housings that protrude from the case, making them simpler to use with sweaty, dusty, or glove-covered fingers. You might think that the Ultra will be too big and hefty for your wrists when you first take it out of the package. Because it is made of titanium, though, it feels surprisingly light to wear. You can have a snug and comfortable fit during the day, even with the smallest watch strap that will fit your wrist the best.


This is the largest Apple Watch model to date due to the 49mm casing. One benefit is the raised edges of the titanium case’s casing, which provide additional protection for the watch’s body. There are also flat edges on the screen, which some people might prefer to the slightly curved edges on Apple’s previous watches.

Apple Watch Ultra bands


With a maximum brightness of 2,000 nits, the Apple Watch Ultra is also two times as bright as earlier versions, making it simple to see outside on a sunny day. It can be read throughout many types of athletic activities, including running, biking, long walks, and trekking. The screen will always be visible to you, even if you only glance down to check the data on the always-on display. The edge protection surrounding it and the flat sapphire glass cover make it more durable with time.

The Action Button

The bold orange Action button is clearly visible on the left of the Apple Watch Ultra. It features an indentation that allows you to feel it beneath your thumb and sits flush with the case. From the Settings menu, you can tweak the button to do things like add a waypoint, start the stopwatch, open the flashlight app, or jump right into one of your routine workouts without waiting for the 3, 2, 1 countdown. While running outside, you can designate a segment by pressing the Action button once more. By pinching the side button and the Action button together, you can easily halt an exercise. There is no need to swipe to the right on the screen to start and stop your workout because the identical pinch gesture resumes it. If you’re taking part in a duathlon or triathlon, the button can also help you change from one leg of the race to another.

Once you’ve configured the app on your iPhone, you may also launch Shortcuts by pressing the Action button. When you have a signal, one of the options is to utilise a shortcut set to receive Apple Maps instructions home from a specific area or when you are out for a bike ride in the city and just want to locate the best route home without using your phone.

Apple Watch Ultra Wrist


To fit your preferred activity, the Ultra is available with three different bands. For runners and endurance athletes, the Trail Loop band is the thinnest Apple Watch band to date. For adventurers, the Alpine Loop band has two integrated layers and a G-hook fastening, and the Ocean Loop, no guesses, is made for diving and water activities.


Along with a skin temperature sensor and crash detection, the Apple Watch Ultra boasts a number of other features that make it more suited for outdoor activities. The Apple Watch Ultra is now a more capable navigational tool thanks to the updated compass app. It enables you to save waypoints or particular markers when you are in a location that you want to flag. Additionally, a trackback tool allows you to go back and retrace your movements, for example, if you get lost. Clever features like Precision Start, which lets you start an activity without waiting for the 3…2…1 countdown to finish, are also available on the Ultra. The Wayfinder watch face, which is only available on the Apple Watch Ultra, combines all the intricacies related to outdoor sports into a single face. The entire face may be completely personalised, and rotating the crown causes the face to turn red for improved night-time visibility.

The watch’s monitoring features for diving include depth, time spent underwater, temperature, and heart rate (if you’re not wearing a wetsuit). Additionally, it will provide you with crucial information like your maximum depth, decompression duration, dive time, and elevation.

From a health perspective, the skin temperature sensor provides information about Apple’s health suite’s sleep tracking and cycle tracking features. The Apple Watch Ultra will check your skin’s temperature every five seconds overnight using two built-in sensors. When it comes to sleep, variations from the overnight baseline temperature may aid you in monitoring the outside influences on your typical rest, like going on a trip or staying up late drinking.

Apple Watch Ultra Diving

Battery Life

The Watch Ultra has a 12-hour battery life when everything is turned on. The Ultra still includes the same GPS and heart rate features and a 15–16 hour battery life in Apple’s new low-power mode. This will be increased to 60 hours in an upcoming watch update since there will be an option to lower the frequency of GPS and heart rate readings. Even while this is excellent for an Apple Watch, many other running watches are still longer. 

As well, fast charging is supported. In roughly an hour and a half, you can go from flat to full. The Ultra sports a lovely braided cable in place of a plastic case and shares the same USB-C magnetic charging puck as other, more recent Apple Watches. These quick charge speeds require a 20W charging brick, which is available for purchase separately.

Is It Worth It?

The Apple Watch Ultra retails for $799. It is available across all online and offline Apple stores and on Amazon. All three bands paired with the Watch Ultra are available for an extra $99. 

Although the new Apple Watch is the most intriguing in a while, it still lacks some of the capabilities that companies like Garmin and Polar have mastered. For instance, there is no recovery data, and as of this writing, there is no way to transfer offline maps to the watch. Despite all these flaws, you could value the close integration with the iPhone more. The Ultra can function as both a daily watch and a travel companion. 

The Apple Watch Ultra is without a doubt the greatest Apple Watch for anyone performing rigorous training because of its Action Button, Precision Start function, and longer battery life. There are essentially two groups that will be best benefitted from the Watch Ultra. A larger, more durable Apple Watch with a battery that lasts twice as long as the other models will be the want of the first group. The other major market portion will be anyone who considers themselves an outdoor explorer or endurance athlete. Whether you’re a triathlete, marathon runner, or diver, Apple has done a terrific job of offering something for everyone.


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