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ROG Strix Fusion WIRELESS Gaming Headphones

Gaming has gone from a favored pastime to a proper profession, and with this change, the importance of proper gaming equipment has risen to new levels. Whether you are a competitive esports player or an internet streamer, the value of having quality audio to go with your gaming experience is more important than ever. Especially when you have to wear your headphones for hours on end. 

In this scenario, you need special gaming headsets that not only sound good enough to match the sound quality of a true 7.1 surround sound system but are also lightweight and comfortable enough that it doesn’t become overbearing just to have them on your head. For such special use cases, we look towards a special brand that has come to symbolize the best that gaming hardware can be. We are of course talking about ASUS and their infamous ROG gaming division, and in this review, we will look at the ROG Strix Fusion Wireless Gaming Headphones.  

Design & Build Quality 

This is the part where ASUS and ROG truly excel, and the Strix Fusion is no exception. The design is big and bold, with a sleek and aggressive curve to the headphone design. The cover is solid plastic with a large touch-sensitive area in-built. The adjustable headband is made of sturdy metal, with a flexible foam band that rests on your head. The Hybrid ear cushions are also quite thick and comfortable to wear, with both protein leather and mesh pads options available with the box. 

You also get a retractable analog boom microphone that has its own dedicated slot in the cup. The mic is pretty flexible and easily adjustable in all sorts of positions. You can even mute the mic just by flipping it into its slot. Everything seems built to last, including the long charging cable that comes with the package. This is one area where spending money on a dedicated gaming headphone truly pays off. 

Sound & Connectivity 

Thanks to the large design, the speaker also gets a larger area to amplify the sound within. This leads to a great audio experience that has a wide soundstage in all sorts of applications. ASUS has fitted this particular model with their 50mm Essence series drivers, which feature Neodymium magnets with a metal cover for clearer sound. All of this is housed in an airtight chamber for an enhanced audio experience. 

These drivers can get pretty loud, produce a good amount of bass, and also support a 7.1 channel surround output. You can be assured of no-delay connectivity thanks to a 2.4GHz wireless connection that is supported by a dual-antenna design for low latency. The range of the connection is up to 20 meters, which is more than you will ever need for your gaming needs. 

You also have full support for PC, as well as Playstation 4 and above. This allows you to use the ROG Armoury II software to set custom audio profiles for different games. You can also fine-tune EQ as well as 7.1-speaker level-balancing. This means you get an unprecedented level of control over your media. 

The only area where the sound seems lackluster is the microphones, which sound pretty artificial and not even that loud or clear. If you truly rely on your headphone microphones as the sole means of audio recording, this flaw might just be the deal-breaker for you. Thankfully, this is just one small gripe in an overall audio experience that is pretty flawless. 

All of this is supported by a decent-sized battery that supports up to 15+ hours of uninterrupted listening. Not bad for a pair of headphones that don’t cost that much more than regular Apple Airpods. This is why we will happily recommend ROG Strix Fusion Wireless Gaming Headphones to all gamers out there. 

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