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TP-Link Unveils New WiFi 6E Mesh System Offerings

TP-Link, the leading brand for consumer WiFi networking devices, is celebrating the upcoming WiFi 6E Mesh Systems,Deco XE75 and Deco XE200, taking WiFi Mesh networking into a brand new era.

Deco Mesh utilizes WiFi nodes that collaborate to project strong, reliable WiFi throughout your whole home. Powered by next gen WiFi 6Etechnology, the top shelf Mesh WiFi provides an incredible boost in range, speed, and overall capacity. With the next-gen Mesh WiFi, users can experience the next era of networking with faster load times and more connections.

The onset of WiFi 6E bridges a huge gap for WiFi, unlocking the complete capability of WiFi 6. Owing to the brand-new 6 GHz band, there are more 160 MHz channels to avoid congestion over bandwidth and drops in speed. The 6 GHz band is also neat and congestion-free, being solely for WiFi 6E devices to terminate interference from legacy devices. Users can unshackle the complete potential of the latest WiFi technologies and experiece congestion-free networking.


AX5400 Smart Home Mesh WiFi 6E SystemDeco XE75

Integrating TP-Link AI-Driven Mesh technology, Deco XE75 is TP-Link’s first whole home WiFi 6E Mesh system owing to the recently unlocked 6 GHz band. Users can upgrade their whole home WiFi to 6E and utilize more bandwidth, quicker speeds, and lower latency.

Deco XE75 (2-pack) increases overall speeds up to a dizzying 5400 Mbps with tri-band, enabling users to connect over 150 devices within 5,500 sq. ft/500 m2. Fitted with advanced AI-Driven Mesh technology, it intelligently learns and improves itself over the course of its usage, providing an ideal Mesh WiFi system for home and network environments.. Moreover, TP-Link HomeShield offers rock strong security for your network and smart devices.


AX11000 Whole Home Tri-Band Mesh WiFi 6E System – Deco XE200 (Flagship)

Coming into the 10 Gbps WiFi era with the newest WiFi 6E technology, TP-Link showcased its upcoming flagship device: the TP-Link Whole Home Mesh System, Deco XE200. Utilizing the WiFi 6E, it provides blazingly fast tri-band WiFi with 1024-QAM and 160 MHz channel technology, increasing overall speeds up to an incredible 11,000 Mbps. Users can optimize their whole home coverage up to 6,500 sq. ft/200 m2 (2-pack products) with a capacity of over 200 devices.

More side by side transmissions with 16× high-gain antennas, usher in more data encoded at one time. Furthermore, Deco XE200 has superior wired performance with multi-gigabit WAN/LAN ports, enabling users to take complete advantage of their broadband speed. A 10 Gbps port provides ultra-fast 10G networking for studios and people who prefer Ethernet

Lastly, Deco XE200 shares similar features with Deco XE75, AI-Driven Mesh and TP-Link HomeShield. With all of this and more, Deco XE200 is worthy of being TP_Link’s Flagship Whole Home Mesh System.

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