Oppo Patents Rollable Smartphone For Future Release

Recently, Oppo was granted a patent for a Rollable device with an integrated camera. These upcoming developments could be very beneficial for Oppo.

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Wed Apr 19, 2023 - 17:15

Oppo Rollable Smartphone Rumours

New Innovation On The Line

Rollable smartphones have flexible screens that can be unrolled to increase the display size. The screen can be rolled back into the gadget when it is not in use, making it smaller and lighter to carry. There will always be new products on the horizon as long as corporations continue to experiment with designs for the same. Oppo recently obtained a patent for a Rollable gadget that included an under-display camera. These future innovations might mean great things for Oppo.


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The Newer Innovations

Both rollable and foldable smartphones are intended to offer larger displays in a portable package. They do not, however, enlarge their screen space in the same way. Flexible screens in foldable smartphones often fold inward like a book. The screen creates a bigger, continuous display when it is unfolded.

Oppo Rollable Design

The design of Oppo’s rollable smartphone is particularly intriguing because the camera is hidden normally and is only revealed when the gadget is stretched. Tech fans are excited to see how the product performs once it is released to the market, and this patent has ignited their interest. Only a few versions of rollable smartphones have been developed so far, although foldable smartphones have been on the market since 2019. When compared to foldable smartphones, rollable smartphones have the benefit of a larger screen while still maintaining a more portable design. Furthermore, rollable screens might be more resilient than foldable ones, which are more likely to crease and sustain damage over time.

Future Updates

Oppo is rapidly establishing itself as a significant participant in the market for foldable/rollable devices. The business has the foresight to advance its technologies, and this is nothing new. Along with other key competitors like Samsung, the brand Oppo was one of the first businesses to patent a foldable smartphone design. It will be interesting to observe how consumers will react to these new form factors as more businesses decide to experiment with flexible displays. Although it’s too soon to say if rollable or foldable will eventually become commonplace, one thing is for certain: technology has advanced significantly since the release of the original Samsung Galaxy Fold and has continued to improve since then.


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