TP-Link Tapo RV10 Lite Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Launched

TP-Link has launched a new lineup of robotic vacuum cleaners under a new Tapo lineup, with the cheapest model on offer being called the TP-Link Tapo RV10 Lite.

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Fri Feb 10, 2023 - 20:57

TP-Link Tapo RV10 Lite Launched

Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

TP-Link, as a brand, has mostly been associated with networking devices like routers and network switches. But, now, they seem to be planning to expand into other consumer electronic markets with the launch of its first-ever smart robotic vacuum cleaner lineup, called the Tapo RV10 series. Let us look at what is available and the utility they offer.

TP Link Tapo Robot Vaccum

Tapo Models

The Tapo RV10 Lite is the most affordable and basic version on sale, with no advanced cleaning systems and a static 800ml garbage bin inside for dust collection purposes. You can empty the bin manually, but since it is large enough, you only have to do it two or three times a month, depending on the workload.

The regular Tapo RV10 features a similar-sized body but with a smaller bin and an additional 300ml mopping reservoir to store cleaning liquids on-board. It also features an automated mop that can cover up to 2100 square feet of floor in a single fill-up and deliver three levels of water flow.

The top-of-the-line RV10 Plus model offers all of the functionalities mentioned above, in addition to the auto-empty capability for your reservoirs, so you will never need to touch the machine short of preventing it from going out of bounds.

Cleaning System

The robotic vacuum cleaner features a small and efficient motor that delivers up to 2000Pa of max suction. You can use that power in a variety of ways through four suction modes, which include a quiet mode that reduce the operational noise to as low as 53dB.

Unfortunately, despite the fancy modes, you hardly get any fancy technologies, such as lidar navigation, obstacle avoidance, or floor mapping. This means that you will need to actively create borders and boundaries for the machine unless you want it to get stuck in a corner or fall down the stairs.

The machine does get a gyroscope smart navigation system to help move around the room. This system creates a methodical zigzag path for the machine to follow, which should effectively cover your entire floor without a lot of manual intervention from your side. There is even support for Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant-based voice controls, which can allow you to control various functions of the robotic vacuum cleaner. There is even a dedicated app for the Tapo that allows you to schedule cleaning and switch modes.

Battery & Charging

Since all models already feature a wireless charging feature, thanks to a plug-in resting dock, you will not have to worry about the machine running out of juice during cleanup wither. A regular wall outlet can charge the 2,600mAh battery with enough energy to deliver up to three hours of run time.

Price & Availability

The Tapo RV10 Lite comes at a starting price of just $229. You can get the Tapo TV10 with the mop function for $249. While we don’t know the exact price of the top-of-the-line Tapo RV10 Plus, we do know that you get any of these models from Amazon at a launch discount of up to $70, starting February 13th.


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