Apple iPad 10th Gen Launched With A14 Bionic Processor

Apple has updated its original iPad with lots of new updates, including a slim body, faster processor, better camera, and other software enhancements.

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Wed Oct 19, 2022 - 12:00

Apple iPad 10th Gen Launched

Now With A14 Bionic Chipset

Apple has finally released a long awaited update for its original iPad tablet, which now features a brand new body, display, as well as internals. It is a complete update, which brings the aesthetics close to the latest generation Pro lineup of the same. You get all of this and more at roughly the same base price as the outgoing model.



The new iPad features a slim and sleek body that is exactly like the iPad Pro, only with a smaller form factor. You get the same display style as well, with thick bezels on all sides. The one main difference is that they have moved the selfie camera from the top of the tablet to the side so that it makes for a more natural composition during video calls in landscape mode. The screen has also been enlarged to a new 10.9-inch size, unlike the previous one, which only came up to 10.2 inches.

In addition to the size of the screen, they have also updated the panel within, which is now a Liquid Retina display that offers more resolution and brightness. You also get an updated stereo speaker setup for better sound output. Lastly, they have moved the Touch ID setup to the power button, which now eliminates all other physical buttons.

However, the biggest change to the body remains the addition of a USB-C port, which brings support for fast charging, wired keyboards, external displays, and much more. We were expecting the company to make this change, considering the new ruling from the EU, and are happy to see that it was implemented so soon. All of these changes combined completely change the way the tablet looks and feels, with even more surprises hidden within.


The iPad gets a huge update in terms of performance with the addition of the A14 Bionic chipset. While this isn't the latest chipset available in the Apple lineup, it still offers a 20% upgrade in terms of speed and performance as compared to the outgoing model. The processor also enables a host of new camera features and AI enhancements, thanks to the inclusion of a dedicated image signal processor and neural engine.

To take advantage of these new capabilities, the company has also added a new camera, which now features a 12MP sensor that can shoot both 1080p and 4K footage at up to 60fps. This combination allows for a lot more versatility in terms of both photos and videos in various lighting conditions. The last update includes the addition of faster internet connectivity through WiFi 6 and 5G modules, which bring it up to the level of the latest mobile devices on the market.

Price & Availability

The new iPad 10th gen will be available in both WIFI only and 5G models, featuring a storage capacity of 64GB or 256GB. The base WIFI-only model comes at a starting price of $449, while the 5G model starts at $599. The storage upgrade for both will cost you another $150 over the base price for both. All variants are available for purchase through the Apple website and official retailers.


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