Philips 24B1D5600 Dual Display Monitor Launched in China

Philips has launched a new dual display monitor called the Philips 2-in-1 24B1D5600, which comes with an LCD and Ink display combination.

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Tue Oct 11, 2022 - 12:00

Philips 24B1D5600 Dual Display Monitor Launched

With LCD & Ink Display

Philips has launched a unique dual display monitor in China called the Philips 2-in-1 24B1D5600. It is a truly wide-screen display which features a Quad HD LCD display on the left and a power-efficient E-ink display on the right. Thus, making it a perfect replacement for traditional dual monitor setups, but with just one device.


The main screen features a 23.8-inch LCD panel with a maximum resolution of 2560 x 1440. It supports a 99.8% sRGB colour gamut, a relatively fast refresh rate of 75Hz, and a 4ms response time. In addition, the panel can achieve a maximum brightness of 250 cd/m², despite drawing only 90W of power through a USB-C charging port.

The secondary display is a made-for-reading 13.3-inch E-Ink display connected to the main screen with a robust hinge. So you can easily curve it towards yourself for stress-free reading, whether it is used for documents or a live-stream chat. The secondary display is also pretty high-resolution at a maximum output of 1200 x 1600. Even though it only draws roughly 15W of power through a secondary USB-C port.

While the USB-C port on the main display can also be used for high-speed data transmission, the one on the secondary display is reserved for two-way charging that can power other smart devices like mobile phones. The great thing is that even when both displays and ports are active, the monitor still draws up to 80% less power than a traditional dual-monitor setup. This makes it ideal for home-office setups.

Another benefit of having a dedicated dual monitor setup is that it comes with support for tilt, swivel, pivot and height adjustments. So that you can easily set it up according to your personal preference without actually moving the stand itself. Although you might have to invest in the bigger table since the stand itself is almost as long as the total display area.

So far, the Philips 2-in-1 Monitor is available for sale in China only and can be bought at a starting price of 5999 yuan, which translates to around $838. Hopefully, it will also be launched in the global market in the coming months.


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