Overwatch 2 Season 2 Software Update Announced

Activision Blizzard, the publisher of the popular video game Overwatch 2, has announced the launch of Season 2 of the video game battle pass, with new character

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Thu Dec 1, 2022 - 20:00

Overwatch 2 Season 2 Announced

New Season Coming To The Game

All gamers adored the sequel, Overwatch 2. Players had a great time throughout Season 1 of the game, which resulted in a large number of new skins and other rewards being added to the game. The Second season of the game has been revealed, and with it comes a plethora of additional features. To learn everything about it, read the article.


New Features

The latest Season 2 update features Ramattra, Overwatch 2’s newest Tank hero. This Omnic was originally shown in public during the OWL Finals so that veteran players may recognize it. Ramattra makes a reappearance as a mysterious enemy in the 2019 Storm Rising event.

This character can fight in either their normal Omnic form or their more aggressive Nemesis form. In the first scenario, Ramattra adopts a more defensive role, sheltering his allies from danger while still doing poke damage from a distance. When he shifts to his second mode and charges into the battle, he becomes a much more powerful opponent.

Ramattra, like Kiriko in Season 1, will not be available to all players at first. To unlock this Tank hero, you must first attain Tier 55 in the Season 2 Battle Pass. The premium Battle Pass bundle, on the other hand, offers instant access for a fee.

The new Escort map that will be featured in Season 2 was previously shrouded in mystery, but we now know for certain that it will be one of the normal maps. Shambali Monastery, the old Omnic home of Zenyatta and Ramattra, will be included in the future patch. As with previous important releases, another large balancing change is confirmed for the Season 2 release. Sojourn will most likely be severely nerfed after dominating Season 1, while Doomfist will get “major” changes after falling short of expectations. The December 6 patch will also include minor changes to Bastion, Kiriko, Mercy, Symmetra, and Ana, in addition to these two characters.

Battle Pass And Skins

The Season 2 Battle Pass will, of course, include a wide range of cosmetic items, but it will also include some additional prizes for those who persevere until the end. This time around, new skins are inspired by “gods and stories” from Greek mythology.

From the Mythic Skin to the Tier 55 boss Ramattra, there’s a lot to obtain. We will update this page with new information about the Battle Pass as it becomes available. Each new Battle Pass has its own unique Mythic Skin, as we all know here at the office. After Mythic Genji in Season 1, Mythic Junker Queen will be introduced in Season 2. At the end of the Season 2 Battle Pass, you’ll receive the Zeus Junker Queen cosmetic, which includes a brand-new weapon model, voice lines, and effects that are unlike anything else in the game. The second battle pass’s Greek gods theme includes a new Roadhog (Cyclops), Ramattra (Poseidon), Lcio (Hermes), Widowmaker (Medusa), Reinhardt (Minotaur), and Pharah skins (Hades). Junker Queen’s new epic skin will presumably be a battle-pass prize, like Genji’s Cyber Demon from season 1.

Despite the fact that Blizzard has a long-term plan, with the majority of the improvements taking place in Season 3 and beyond, we know they intend to start revamping the reward system in Season 2. This guarantees that everyone who takes part in an in-game event receives at least one award. The Winter Wonderland event in Season 2 will most likely be the first of its kind.

Release Date

Season 2 of Overwatch 2 will be released on December 6, 2022. You will receive the season’s rollout, but the times have not yet been announced. Stay tuned to our Gaming section to learn more as the new updates roll in.


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