Lumus Z Lens AR Glasses Showcased at CES 2023 Tech Show

Lumus has just unveiled a new type of smart augmented reality wearable device, called the Lumus Z Lens AR Glasses, that were showcased at the ongoing 2023 CES t

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Sat Jan 7, 2023 - 12:53

Lumus Z Lens AR Glasses Showcased

The Future Of Augmented Reality

It seems like every tech company is developing some sort of headset, eyewear, visor or glasses to bring the digital world straight into your field of vision, with everyone from Apple to Xrai launching augmented reality glasses or reported to be joining the space. Today at CES, Lumus unveiled their brand new AR Glasses. Lumus produces a line of smart spectacles that can accommodate prescription lenses and can be both functionally and aesthetically impressive to effectively reach the consumer market.


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The Lumus Z lenses have a head-up display that is visible even in direct sunlight, a 2000 x 2000 resolution and unexpectedly rich colours. Lumus’s technology can be directly connected to prescription glasses using Rx, which is additional good news for this particular glasses’ wearer.

The Technology

Utilising the system of reflection waveguides, the technology enables the tiny projectors housed inside the eyeglass frames to project on the interior of the semi-translucent lenses. An embedded projector module with a prism, an LED, and an LCOS display produces the Z-Lens image. Two sets of integrated mirrors in the lens allow the light from the projector to be expanded to fill your field of vision after entering the waveguide. So it is essentially all like mirrors from all sides.


Lumus Z Lenses have improved mirrors that are engraved into a coating that rests on the glass lens and directly reflects an image into your eye. They have also implemented smaller glasses with the Z Lens model, which employs a smaller projector module than prior iterations of the augmented reality device. In the same manner, as the additional light-sensitive coating you would obtain, Lumus is also able to bind the lenses straight onto prescription smart glasses.

Price & Availability

There is no information on the price of the Lumus Z Lens for now. It is touted to launch next year in 2024. So we can expect more details on this product by June or July of this year.


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