Canon EOS R8 Affordable Mirrorless Camera Launched

Canon has launched the most affordable option in their popular new R series of mirrorless cameras, called the Canon EOS R8, which can shoot up to 4K footage at

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Wed Feb 8, 2023 - 13:32

Canon EOS R8 Launched

Offering Uncropped 4K at 60p

With the introduction of the 24-megapixel EOS R8, Canon has taken aim at Sony and its other competitors. It was introduced alongside the R50 APS-C variant and is aimed at budget-conscious photographers and videographers. It has several outstanding capabilities, including uncropped, oversampled 4K video at 60 frames per second, shooting speeds of up to 40 frames per second, and the superior Dual Pixel autofocus of Canon.


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With 6K oversampling in the Canon EOS R8, users can record 4K video at up to 60 frames per second or Full HD at up to 180 frames per second, which is excellent given the device’s cost. Up to 4K 30p with a 470Mbps data rate is supported for editing-friendly ALL-I capture.

Although 4K 60p and 180 fps Full HD shooting times are thermally restricted to about 30 minutes, it enables up to two hours of continuous recording without a 30-minute constraint. This would be the ideal affordable vlogging setup for any content creator because it can record 10-bit HDR PQ or Canon Log-3 footage. It has concentrated breathing compensation as well.


The R8 has a first-curtain electronic shutter that can shoot up to 6 frames per second and an incredible 40 frames per second. It can record up to 100 C-RAW + JPEG files at once to the lone UHS-II card slot, different from any other video camera till now. Using Canon’s Dual Pixel AF and AI subject identification for humans, animals, and vehicles, the focusing systems appear to be robust

 Other features include an LP-E17 battery, a micro-HDMI port that supports up to 4K 60p, mic and headphone ports, and USB webcam connectivity. For vloggers, the 3-inch, 1.62 million-dot display flips out, but the OLED electronic viewfinder is a budget model with 2.36 million resolution dots.

Price & Availability

The Canon EOS R8 will be available for $1,500 or $1,700 for the two lens varieties. It will be available from the Spring of 2023 and will be shipped internationally through Canon’s official website and all the retail stores.


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